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Full Version: Citroen GT vs. Audi r8 TDI
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What I know is that both of these cars are in my top two...I just need help deciding which is better.[/font] thumbs_up.gif thumbs_down.gif
Geo metro beats out both of them.
QUOTE(dukenukem @ Dec 8 2009, 05:51 PM) *
Geo metro beats out both of them.

I have no idea which is better, epic audi with epic engine or epic looking citroen.
That's a regular R8 not the diesel for the record. Personally, I'll pass on the diesel Audi, and go for the (Chevy?) V8-powered Citroen GT. The R8's an incredible looking car, but the GT is just insane. I remember Citroen greenlighted it for production, but haven't heard anything about it since.
I was a huge advocate for the TDI V12 R8, but then I drove the V12 TDI Q7 recently, and it has hugely changed my mind. THe R8 might succeed if they bring it out in manual, but as an auto it just doesn't work. The car has so much torque(1000Nm), and the redline sits at 4500 (if I recall properly), so the car is so lurchy. It gets up to speed so quickly and then it needs to shift. It just doesn't work too well. For some reason I think having a manual might change the driveability somewhat, but a car like the R8 really really needs a proper rev range to run through. So for me it's the GT (and moe, you know how much this hurts me to go against the Audi, especailly versus a fuckin frenchy!!!)
I dunno what transmission the TDI has, but if it's anything like the transmission that V12 was originally mated to (think R10), I'm sold. Otherwise, GT for me.
We're taking this thread seriously?
Jiggly Blubber
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