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Full Version: 01 - DS Photoshop battle entries
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Here's my try :-/

My attempt.. Dark Drama look!!

gave it a quick whirl:

Konrad Janicki
my entry
background desturetad a bit to make the red stronger
Nike SB'd
Sorry for breaking rule #2 but I must have missed something, where are you guys getting the image?
heres a quick edit I did smile.gif

added some volume, desaturate some colors and added some others
my version after 10-15 min:

my version

Went for a cinema appeal, and did fashion styled retouching such as curve smoothing (uneven edge between roof and rear hatch) and blemish removal(permit sticker) along with the almost mandatory lowering of the car and removal of mergers.
My version...
I know, a little cheesy but i had fun tongue.gif

Raised contrast, desaturated, put a gradient over it and obviously added motion and a driver biggrin.gif

Still not sure about the sky, blur or not ???

^That's actually pretty cool!

Here's mine: Also, desaturated the background a little to help the red pop. Did a lil contrast work and cleaned up a few things. The rest is pretty obvious from the image.
John Renna
Very cool idea, thanks Dean!

Here is my attempt:
Some desaturation, sharpening, curves, gradient, and crop. All part of my typical workflow.

My Entry:

Heavy Contrast Edit
Dropped in new background
Added color to the foreground to match the new background
Smoothed out the paint a little bit on some highlights

added epic burnoutzz
face in the car is just kinda for fun...
levels adjusted
cars been bumped up
highlights made a little bit more to my liking
my try,

remove all bushes, in side of foto
remove all grass in water
garss now green smile.gif
edit sky.
ad sarp smile.gif
brake red.
anyone else having issues seeing flickr shots? do you have to be signed in or something?
I'm just lazy. tongue.gif Took the easiest route to this one. If it were my image, I would have probably spent farking ages cleaning up all the trees, grass, water, road, sky, car, etc etc etc. Far too much effort.

Went for a retro-esque route. Thought it would be funny seeing a modern car in a retro-like photo. Eh?
Here's my version. I basically followed my own procedure that I do on my photos. I desaturated the ground, and burned it. I'm surprised no one edited out the annoying bush behind the windshield except IamPhil. I also dropped in a sky with some nice cirrus clouds. And a bunch of little stuff...
I took a simple approach to this, as I didnt have much time to spend on it tonight. Slight crop, some selective desat, new sky, removed a few things here and there, nothing fancy.

This is my attemp , low saturation , selective color , black , tinted windows

Nike SB'd
I might end up re-working it later but here it is for now...

Seagram I'm loving that Audi 01V. Very cool biggrin.gif
My attempt. Worked with curves, hue/saturation and selective color for the red, apart from that some dodge and burn. Adobe rgb file because the conversion wouldn't get the red as I wanted it.

Nowhere near the quality of work dispayed already, but still I had a go.

Nothing drastic, cloned a few bits, tweeked a few colours.


2nd attempt - 1st attempt deleted smile.gif
a little bit of desaturation, leveling, curving, make the red pop a bit more. high key sun thing?
Dejan Sokolovski
Here's mine...

@Nike SB'd i like a you're edit. The only down side of it its the fact that the car gives you the impression that it was pasted there. The car has a lot of details very clean an nice! Very good job!
Tony Yeung
Here is my quick edit.

Didn't do too much besides some color filters, cropping and curve adjustments. Great image to start out with.
I thought about going crazy be just did a nice 15min edit.
redish sky.. greener grass.. crop.
i did one with a burnt out grass and dark sky, but a few other people did the same sort of thing so i had another go. prob went a bit too far looking back, but i'm still a pp noob loser.gif

can anyone see my post... I cant anymore Arrrr Flickr...
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