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Full Version: Nikon D700 viewfinder
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Hi guys and girls biggrin.gif

I was wondering if anyone here would be kind enough to shed some light on a matter that's been on my mind since I purchased my D700 a while back.

The issue is while looking through the viewfinder, do you guys actually see all 51-points like the example shown in the image below. Or do you actually only see the border with no black-outlined 51-points.
I'm just a little concerned as I had owned a Nikon D90 prior to this and that actually showed 12-points while the D700 doesn't show anything until you focus in on an object.


It just shows the lines and 1 box. It would be damn annoying if it showed all 51 points...
I think it's actually an option to show or not to show the points. You can choose to show all 51, all 11, the one selected or nothing. At least, on the D3!
Nike SB'd
QUOTE(Matt_L @ Dec 7 2009, 03:01 PM) *
I think it's actually an option to show or not to show the points. You can choose to show all 51, all 11, the one selected or nothing. At least, on the D3!

Yup you can customize it. Read the manual. smile.gif
I've gone through the manual half a dozen times and read over the auto focus section and tinkered around with my camera and nothing seems to work lol. I can however select from either 51-points, 11-points and one other so that you won't need to move the toggle around the screen so much while selecting an individual point. Athough nothing allows it to display all the points in black outlines within the rectangle just as Hartawan said.

Or maybe i'm just being paranoid and the reason why Nikon decided to leave them out was because they were too distracting and you couldn't see anything within the viewfinder and they decided to simplify it.
Nike SB'd
I'm pretty sure that when I had my D300 you could set it to run all the points as well as toggle the grid lines on/off, but I could be wrong. I haven't used a D700 in nearly a year so I'm not too fresh on that camera either but I'm pretty sure most of the functionality is the same. I know on my D3 it only shows the point that is currently in use in red. I think I'd find it rather annoying have all 51 spots showing up at the same time though.
Ohh ok, thanks for the help Sean. I guess it would be kinda pointless to show all 51-points in the viewfinder come to think about it. The reason I asked was because my D90 always showed a visible 12 -points without the need to focus on anything. And when I purchased the D700 it just showed the grid and the rectangle, and the only time i'd see the focus point would be when i'd focus on an object which would then show the visible point(s) in red.

Thanks for your help once again guys! I appreciate the fast replies biggrin.gif
tony graig
I have read the manual and still unable to customize please help
Hi Tony, what are you trying to do exactly? If your trying to customize the autofocus points to constantly stay visible even when not focusing, I don't think it's possible. Although you can select from 9,11, and 51 points of focus or similar I think while focusing. As It would probably be a little distracting visibly showing 51-points constantly.
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