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How many of you guys shoot cars with Speedlights?
How many of you guys shoot cars with Strobes?
I ask this because I have found it extremely difficult to properly light a car with a speed light.(obviously)
Thinking about buying some viv's currently have 1 SB-600 which does not get me to far.
Is it worth spending the money on a couple speed lights or should I just go with strobes.
I normally just pop the 600 up high for fill.. I would like to advance on to lighting the complete car with artificial light
Opinions? Should I continue to use the 600 and just blend 20 layers together everytime I shoot a car.
AB800's are looking kinda tempting but $$$ is thumbs_down.gif right now for me.
I also would be using what ever I end up with to do product photography mostly smaller products.
I, foolishly, and mainly out of necessity, shoot full time with 4 Speedlights. Two 430s and Two 580s...It is not the BEST way to do this, but it is the only way that I can currently afford to shoot.

For what it's worth, I have multiple issues worth of features each it can be done well if you can put in the effort to learning the positives and negatives of the speedlights.
Nike SB'd
I used to shoot with speedlites but now I use strobes every time (unless traveling). They are so much better when you need that amount of light to overpower the sun.
I use flash.
QUOTE(//deanphoto @ Nov 27 2009, 06:15 AM) *
I use flash.


A strobe is one of those things at a rave party!
QUOTE(brasher @ Nov 26 2009, 08:34 PM) *

A strobe is one of those things at a rave party!

I just ordered an ab1600 with a beauty dish (for other stuff)
When shooting mid day sometimes I really need more power than a flash can do.
I'm selling my 2 vivitar 285hv's
How much are you selling them for? I might be interested Ive been thinking about it for quite some time. I'd like to go with some alienbees but wont have enough money for a while...
I've always shot cars natural light, unless I was near a plug point. Then I bought 4 Viv's... 2 broke recently (falling over on the stands).
Looking investing in a battery pack (or Alien Bees) rather.
SB-600 on camera for weddings, events, some fashion.

3 Photogenics Monolites for automotive, and fashion.

I also have the equipment to light paint, but rarely do that anymore.
3 sb24's and 1 sb600 for me. I was about to pickup a white lighting x1600 unit + vagabond.. but I'm gonna get a new camera instead.
The Yank
QUOTE(Timr @ Nov 24 2009, 03:54 PM) *
Should I continue to use the 600 and just blend 20 layers together everytime I shoot a car.

I'm all for shooting on a budget, but you get to the point where wasting time in PP layering shots together and putting up with inconsistencies of dinky little flashes just isn't worth it anymore. I've been putting off buying some real lighting equipment for a while, and will most likely finally break down and get a couple of AB800s. I currently have two Speedlite 550EXs and two Vivitars. The Speedlites are nice for engine and interior shots, since you can just put them in monkey/ETTL mode and fire away. However, they just don't have enough power to light up an entire car. The Vivitars are OK for cheap dummy flashes, but have even less power than the Speedlies. The range on Canon's wireless triggering system is terrible, and insufficient for long-lens shots. Pocket wizards can take care of that problem, but cost $200 each! Radio Poppers have excellent range and retain ETTL metering, if that's important to you, but cost $250 for each transmitter and receiver. The only advantage of the Speedlites is portability. They have far less power, take forever to recycle, and aren't any cheaper.
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