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Full Version: How waterproof are modern DSLRs?
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Hi guys.

We've pretty much hit our rainy season here in JoBurg (if you can even call it that) and I've had the luck of being caught in the rain for a few shoots recently without an umbrella. My camera has gotten pretty wet in the process, and so far nothing has happened. I'm shooting with a D700.
Does anyine have any experiences with their gear (mostly cameras and lenses) that got wet and broke or didn't break?
Just curious

I got 2 stories.

First story is when I was at the Orange River shooting scenics as suppliments to a hotel I was shooting out there. I fell in the river, camera & all. It got dunked for a split second, but was enough to do *something* wrong. Got back to the hotel room, dryed it off, then spent about an hour with a hairdryer drying individual parts. Left it till the morning, put it all back together & it's worked perfectly since.

Second story is shooting in the rain. I've done it 3 times now, the body exterior has just gotten wet from drizzle, wiped it off, keep shooting, wipe it dry, etc. Otherwise just putting a ziplock bag over the camera also works.

Electronics (camera's) are funny, in that sometimes they get wet, they stop working, you panic, shart a little, start looking for insurance numbers, then the next morning (after sufficient time to dry) it all works 100's again.
The D700 should be fine - just make sure that you have all the rubber flaps down properly smile.gif

I was shooting on Sunday morning in quite stormy weather and the camera was drenched, along with flashes. The bigger problem was the wind which took one of my flashes with it, breaking the bulb sad.gif
I often shoot in rain at DMCC events.( I use a d700 and D300 ).when its light rain is not too bad but for heavy rain I have a KATA rain works really well..The wheather seals on these camera are good but not great..My d300 has to go in for repairs because moisture got in ( plus according to ).. So even tho the cams can take some water Id rather always use a rain cover of some sorts.

Rain!! thats me out
Some people have done tests, knowing they can just send it into warranty or whatever. Your camera should be fine as long as it's not submerged for more than like 30 seconds or something. But see story above, I guess it'll still work lol
I've shot a few times in the rain, I just use one of those cheapo Optech "rain sleeves."
I have a D200 and Ive shot in the rain with it before. Pretty heavy rain actually, and it kept on working. I also had a few sb-800's on stands while shooting and they also held up fine.

If you find yourself shooting in the rain a lot, you could take a look at the Olympus E3. Probably not the best system out there but they're pretty good in the rain.
Dr. Strangelove
I've gotten my Olympus wet on more than one occasion. It's been fine so far.

One time I was caught in some pretty heavy stuff and I took a trash bag and cut a hole in one corner. I stuck the lens through the hole and then rubber banded it in place. I shortened the bag with a knife and put my head slightly inside the bag to shoot. Kind of like the old cameras with the hood. My photojournalism teacher gave me the idea, he used to shoot in hurricanes for Reuters and said it's worked for him over the years.
brenton ho
doesnt olympus market it as a waterproof slr?!

i've always been curious to use one of the ewa-marine rain capes work. it has a built in 77 ring filter in it but for the price and living in las vegas (dryest place ever) i haven't had the need for it and think an op-tech sleeve would do the trick. (

also i brought my d700 to kauai,hawaii a few months ago and it got heavily rained on almost every day, but i wiped it down with freshwater every night, and let it dry overnight. seems to be working fantastic still. I had a sb900 that trip that i borrowed, dont know how well my 800s would hold up since they're not weather sealed like the 900s.

also i heard if it does get slightly submerged, leave it in a bag of rice overnight.....heard it works wonders....(just word of mouth)
Dr. Strangelove
QUOTE(brenton ho @ Nov 10 2009, 11:25 PM) *
doesnt olympus market it as a waterproof slr?!

Not that I know of. Its an Evolt E-500.
Rice does wonders for drying anything out. My mom has dropped her cell phone in water so many times I lost count, but it still works perfectly thanks to rice. Many of the times it was completely submerged too. You'd need a huge bowl for a DSLR, but I figure it would generally work the same way.
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