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Full Version: got new speakers
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So after living with my Logitech X-230's for the good part of at least 4 or 5 years. I figured it was time to upgrade.

After doing some research I found the best bang for your buck high end PC speaker system was the Audioengine A5's. I ordered them and they arrived today.

The Logitech's were $60 AUD.

The Audioengine 5's were $450 AUD.

OK, so they do sound a hell lot more shitload fuck-me-senseless clearer. And I can hear instruments individually in orchestra I never heard previously.

But there's NO BASS! What the fuck? They sound like they're on the other side of my wall!

After a bit of tweaking with the equalizer, I got some improvement. But it's still shitty bass!

Any idea how to solve this? It does have a built in amp, as well as a plug for adding a sub.

My old logitech's was a 2.1 system, so it had a seperate sub. Even though it was only 20watts, it feels a whole lot better than my new "expensive" setup dry.gif
I reccomend these third party audio drivers:

I've used them for years and years and IMO my sound system doesn't sound right until I get these guys installed. Also, I've noticed a big difference between different sound cards...
trying now!

hopefully the drivers recognize my sound, it's inbuilt to the gigabyte board.
unsupported sad.gif
Oh...onboard audio is not exactly a ticket to great audio enjoyment.
Speaking of sound enjoyment, I just retired my 9+ year old Cambridge Soundworks because the sub kept cutting out (bad connection, probably kicked too many times sitting on the floor) in favor of my Denon DRA-295 and Klipsch SB-2s. Great sound with my old Creative Live! 4.1 and the KxProject drivers.
There is no real bass because the speakers you bought are monitors. They're meant to sound natural so they don't really excel in anything except for clarity.
QUOTE(Cyclone @ Oct 30 2009, 07:09 PM) *
There is no real bass because the speakers you bought are monitors. They're meant to sound natural so they don't really excel in anything except for clarity.


I was looking into getting speakers similar to those when after reading on some reviews and forums i learned that they lacked any decent base.
You would definitly need to get an auxillary sub for that, I don't know how many watts your built in amp has but it may not be enough to drive a good sized sub.

I personally decided on a set of Logitech Z5500s, there's a shitload of base and a shitload of power, I almost never go above 25%.

I haven't heard a logitech system provide the clarity I expect from a sound system for years and my ears they just provide crappy sound and a lot of it.
im gonna get a seperate sub to go with my new speakers biggrin.gif

now just a matter of which one..
Sometimes, if you want good sound to come out fo your computer, you might want to sway away from expensive pieces of equipment used for computers and look into studio monitors used in pro-audio/pro recording. That added with a good sound card and you're set.
This reminds me, I should buy some speakers. My old Altecs are like 7 1/2 years old, and haven't worked for the last couple.
added a sub woofer.. wow - there's my bass
Can anyone recommend a good set of speakers under $100? I'm more looking for sound clarity than bass or volume.
Nevermind .. i read it as $1000.
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