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Full Version: Adding rain in CS4 tutorial
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This is just a basic tutorial I did bored at work awhile back on my laptop on how to add rain to a photo (and give it a gotham city feel). For the pro's this tutorial is elementary but some of us may find it useful.

Here is the image:

Now, lets begin.

1. Original image, just a boring vacation photo. Nothing special here, bringing in fill light for shadow detail that Im going to hurt later, and desaturating the photo, desaturation is key.

2. Toss on a Hue/Saturation layer, desaturate to your taste, darken to your taste, I opted to give it a sublte blue hue. I went with Blue not because I think blue is cooler than red, because it is. But I went with blue because we're going for Gotham city, not Mars.

3. Dodging and burning, I used a bigger brush to make it a bit easier. This is pretty straight forward, and of course all up to personal preference. I opted to hit random buildings, and lay into the sky to make it really dark and moody. NOTE: I dont like my women moody, just my skies.

4. Create a new empty layer. You all are probably laughing by this point, but hey, Sean used a similar rain technique in Super Street so that alone makes this serious business and worth the read, even though this step is painfully obvious smile.gif DISCLAIMER: Sean = good. Me = not good.

5. Fill the new layer with your foreground color (black). Now we want to add a noise filter, so add a noise filter like its your job, add one twice and undo one of them. Go ahead I wont tell anyone wink.gif

6. Alright, Set the Noise level to 100, and to monochromatic. Doesnt have to be 100, but it seems to work the best around there. I seem to operate better when given $100's too.

7. Now, that sure doesnt look like rain does it? We need to give it some motion, and what better way to do that than adding a motion blur, set the level to 100, and be sure to rotate the axis to 90 degrees. Unless you're making hurricane/monsoon rain, in my case Las Vegas has never seen either of those events.

8. Ok, another filter. Guassain blur works good somewhere between 2 and 3 to make our fake rain appear less digital.

9. Now, bring up a levels adjustment and you'll notice your hystogram is looking more like a totem pole, so bring the sliders almost together in the hystogram. Make the effect take away most of your rain, because for whatever reason (Hello Adobe?) when you hit "OK" more rain appears on the screen than you had adjusted for.

10. Set blending mode to screen so you can see your rain on the photo for the first time, and get a look at that static TV lookin rain that we gotta fix now!

11. Now it appears as if our rain is coming straight down, and we cant have that because that doesnt match our perspective in the photo. We need to go to transform, and perspective to match it up the best we can.

12. This shows the rain in a closer perspective to what we want, it also shows that I have toned down the opacity to 40 something percent. No right or wrong answer here just how much of the effect do you want visible.

13. Now its just normal Post work from here on out, remember rain flows in sheets so grabbing a black brush and fading away some of the rain in random areas is a good idea and helps sell the fake rain more. I opted to remove a bit in my photo, and pushed the levels a bit, cooled the photo down a bit too to really sell the Gotham city feel.

I hope if anything you guys could get a laugh out of this tutorial, I like to make things interesting smile.gif

nice tutorial. might i suggest adding a SLIGHT diffuse glow around the buildings and ground to enhance the effect of splashing rain?
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