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Full Version: A cool video about a video about JoBurg
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Like I said in the title:

I've actually been to JoBerg, and it's a fabolous city. We had a very pleasant experience...however, Cape Town is more beautiful and charming.

Aaaaand, SA has the sexiest women...maybe it's the Dutch influence biggrin.gif

I had an awesome time in's a breath of fresh air compard to Continental Europe. Although, I dunno if I'd actually want to live there tongue.gif
So true.

Yes, Cape Town is definitely way more blessed in the beautiful landscape area. JoBurg is a very rough, harsh, industrial city. But, and this is the clincher, CT has the shittiest weather, JoBurg does not. JoBurg has sunny skies all the way through the whole year. A little rain here and there. Also when it does rain, we're rewarded with spectacular lightning storms (some of the 'best' in the world).
Europe is more my style, everything is far more relaxed and chilled than in JoBurg.
And yeah, it's the living in JoBurg part that gets to you!
That WAS an awesome video... so I take it they're making a full documentary? I'd love to see that too. For some reason that reminded of "The End of the World"... lol
That gave me goose bumps.
Joberg! Bah! Who wants to live there! tongue.gif haha

Jozi is great for making money. Everytime I'm there I make a nice chunk of change. But living wise, nothing like CPT.

Duality - We do have the best woman... biggrin.gif
Wow, amazing... thanks for sharing.
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