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John Potts
Im tired of fumbling thru all my dvds worth of pictures and im looking to get an external hd. Ive looked around at a few western digitals and seagates but one issue that ive seen is disconnecting it. Im on a laptop so I would only plug it in to use it when Im transfering pics. Would I have to shell out more cash and get a 1tb portable hd or just deal with turning my whole system off to disconnect the damn thing when im not using it?

what do you guys use?
Uh, you don't have to turn off your computer/laptop to disconnect an external HD. Just unplug the USB or shut it off via windows then disconnect it.
And this is just my paranoid side, but I only get up to 350gig external drives. I rather keep 5 of them hidden away (in case of break-in or robbery) with all my stuff spanned over a few drives than 1 drive with everything that could become faulty.
When you're talking about a lot of data usually it's a storage device you'd rather not get corrupted. This means RAID. I can't think of anything better than a NAS with RAID. I like the Netgear devices but the Buffalo or whatnot ones are fine too.
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