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Imported from the land down under, the Pontiac GTO hit the sales floors in 2004.
As you all know it is a rebadged Holden Manaro coupe. General Motors and Bob Lutz had high hopes this car would
be a sales success in the United States but met much criticism for what was perceived to be a lack of design.
The car's release was also overshadowed by other cars being released by other manufacturers taking advantage of a rebirth
in the muscle car market; These other manufacturer's products had traditional muscle car styling. GM had hoped to sell around 18,000 units in
its first year but by the end of 2004 they had sold only 13569 units out of 15,728 built.

In 2004 the Pontiac GTO was sold with a 5.7liter 350hp LS1 v-8 which a potential buyer could have connected to either a 6-speed manual
or a 4 speed automatic. Rear wheel drive was the only optional drive train. In 2005 GM tried to overcome the criticism it had
met during the cars release the previous year by adding new exterior accessories and new color options. Along with the small
redesign details GM started producing these cars with the 6.0 LS2 V-8 making 400hp and 400 ftlbs of torque and could run from 0-60
in 4.6 seconds with a quarter mile time of 13 seconds even at 110mph. Only 11,069 were built in the 2005 model year.

In 2006 GM sold 13948 GTOs in the United States. This, however, was the final year of production. GM had only planned a 3
production run and had sold 40,808 units by the time production halted on June 14th.

Ridiculously easy to drift? Check. V8 RWD? Check. Sleeper looks? Check. Fun to drive? Check.

Nothing but cool.
This is what Pontiac was supposed to be about... relatively cheap rwd muscle. Instead, the fugly grand prix lived for way too long, as well as the bonneville. cran.gif
QUOTE(911xx @ Oct 10 2009, 12:37 PM) *
This is what Pontiac was supposed to be about... relatively cheap rwd muscle. Instead, the fugly grand prix lived for way too long, as well as the bonneville. cran.gif

Heh, those are gonna make it on the cool wall soon enough.

I dunno what moderator changed the title of the thread from just "pontiac gto" to "pontiac gto 6.0" but this is inclusive of the 5.7 liter model which would presumably have to same image. So I changed the title back to just the Pontiac GTO. Thanks for adding the poll and covering for my absent mindedness. smile.gif
This car just doesn't get me excited...
QUOTE(Synesthesia @ Oct 10 2009, 11:14 PM) *
This car just doesn't get me excited...
Vastly underrated performance coupe. I can see how the styling didn't cut the mustard as the successor to the legendary GTO, but it was a good looking coupe in its own right. Nothing but cool here.
I respect it performance wise, but as a package, I can't seem to get over the "Cavalier-inspired looks."
Blue Devil

I say cool. This is one of my good friends car. smile.gif
Mr b00st
freaking cool. I like that only real car people actually get these; most people think it's a Grand Prix or something. Only one i'd driven was a stock '04 (5.7, T56) that was bright blue. It burned rubber clear through second gear without even trying; the seats were superb, it handled decently, sounded great, could creep through parking lots in fourth (TORQUE!!!)... really nothing not to like. I could go on and on. Fantastic car.
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