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Full Version: Cable filters and if anyone has used one before?
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Cable filters and if anyone has used one before?
Gee, I have not used cable filters, NetTalk.

Boy, I bet you could probably link me to an awesome store or stores (your clients) who have AMAZING prices and LOVELY brand name products all waited to be shipped out to me from Hong Kong, Xia Hua Dock, Pier 7, Warehouse 3-A.
Just finished reading some threads/posts so I decided to go ahead and post my experience. Just a little over 8 months ago now, literally the day before my second daughter was delivered, my oldest boy came into my office/dining room (no jokes please) with a grin like the Grinch on his face. He wanted me to buy one of those digital filters. He always has me paying $50 for his wrestling WWF stuff and I've also been known to watch a good boxing match every once in a while. Long story short, I got one of those cable filters for my Motorola DVR box in the living room WITHOUT, telling the kids or the old lady wink.gif. I still make the kids ask to order stuff but when the bill comes there's no sign of anything, heh. Every month I squeeze about 30 PPV's out of it without having to clear the memory on the box. If I only order like 20-25 ppvs in a month, then I don't need to clear the box because it clears on its own every 30 days. I figured if it didn't work I'd just get my money back since they have like a year guarantee or somethin like that (had to check my bookmarks

BTW, does anyone know what the Cablecard slot does?. I've never seen anyone who used theirs and I don't understand what it would be used for. Is it for the cable guy when it's being installed or something?

Thanks and God bless!

L. MacArthur
Fuck you. I hope your van explodes with your so called "family" inside and drives straight off a cliff into a volcano which just happens to erupt at that very moment.
fiber optic
Oh come on phix. This guy is awesome. He even made a new account to endorse the first. He's not just the pop-n-flop spammers we've grown accustomed to.
Hahaha that's fantastic
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