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Full Version: 1st Gen Pontiac Vibe
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The Pontiac Vibe is a compact hatcback produced in a factory in Fremont
California which was as a joint effort between General Motors and
Toyota. GM was hoping that by allying themselves with Toyota on manufacturing
they could adopt some of the techniques used by the Japanese firm which has
been shown through JD Power rankings to actually have benefited GM overall
quality through the turn of the century. One of the cars resulting in this
unholy alliance was the Pontiac Vibe; Toyota Matrix/Volt.

The first generation went on sale in 2003 with three trim levels. The base,
and all wheel drive mid trim level or a "sporty" GT trim with more power.
Power trains for this car were all toyota derived. The base model had a 1.8L
inline 4 banger that produced 126hp which can be bought with a manual or
automatic transmission. The AWD variant had either a 118hp with or a 164hp
engine with variable valve timing (with intellegince!). The AWD model
had only an automatic transmission and the GT had only a 6-speed manual.

In 2005 the GT power was upped to 180hp, the base model was upped to 130.
In 2007 the AWD trim level was dropped due to sagging sales. The Vibe was
also given a new grill design that better matched the new brand style
more along the lines of the soon to be released solstice than the style of
the Aztec.

I've ridden in one. Uncool.
Yeah not cool at all. Body cladding, ugly, torqueless engine lineup, plasticky interior.
I remember living in the States when they first came out. I thought it was pretty cool (I was 16), but then one of the teachers at my school got one. The unfortunately named, Mr. Cox, was about as uncool as they came. Still, it isn't horrible or ugly or anything, so I'll go with neutral.
Eh, I think it's cooler than the 2nd gen (in sans gray plastic and hubcaps form), but that's not saying much.
In Canada the Matrix was cheaper...and better looking.

If you bought this in Canada, you paid too much for an ugly car.
the pride of NUMMI.

mj uncool
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