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Full Version: I see Ken Block in his flat black CLS like 5 times a month!
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about once a week.. on my way to work.. i always seem to see Ken Block driving his Mercedes CLS. it's definitely him since it's a flat black CLS and he's either on his way to El Toro airfield or somewhere close by. so i took a bad iphone photo.

but this is the car i see.

ken block is cool and all.

but the CLS never was.
So Ken Block is the only guy with a flat black CLS with black rims in your part of California? That car must have tanked in sales horribly.
I'm so tired of hearing about Ken Block. Who fucking cares, he drives somewhere in his car. Yay... There's only thousands of other famous rich people who drive around in your city alone.

PS. that car looks like total ass.
So i saw him again at Fry's today and i happened to park next to Ken's matte black CLS. And then I tried to take a picture. My iphone camera went crazy and went all nightvision on me. so.. yeah.. cool story.

here's a normal picture of his CLS.
cool story bro
How do you know it's actually Ken Block's and not some imitator? It's not exactly the most original custom job.
you gotta do some drifts around him next time you see him, yo
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