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Full Version: To leak or not to leak . . .
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Looking at what showed up to Frankfurt this year I'm overwhelmed by how underwhelmed I feel. Nothing seems new or fact I can't believe that I've been waiting months for this show.

I think my feelings are because almost everything in the show was 'leaked' days or even weeks before it's launch.

So I ask you . . . do you feel the same way or do you like the new system of leaking show cars and new models before their debut?
To be honest I think the whole 'leaking' thing is utter horseshit. Imagine you saw some pics of a concept, and a few months later a possible test mule, and then nothing. Then you wait a year, and BANG! you see the new car at *insert name of motorshow*. Imagine how much more stoked/unstoked you would be about the car. Your feelings on the new car would be so much more genuine. Car would generate a much greater interest and there would be so much more anticipation for the new car.
So fully agreed with you!
I kinda don't mind them if the leak doesn't make the auto show debut totally useless but yeah just having shit come out of motor shows used to be fun, but this way we get a more steady stream of new stuff all the time. I guess the auto companies all want their 15 minutes of fame instead of being buried in some auto show summary somewhere. So many no-name concept cars and shit just disappear from all memory that way.
Get used to it. Leaks are commonplace in major industries from automotive to video games to electronics. Some intentional, some unintentional. Just another form of marketing and the trend is here to stay.
Wouldn't an intentional leak be a hole?
Yeah I prefer it when there are some big surprised at the motor show. For the record wasn't the new A8 supposed to be unveiled at Frankfurt? And the new Marussia supercar (it was scooped on a trailer, but I was hoping to see more in-depth pics)?
When you gotta go, you gotta go.
dont care.
The CTS Coupe Concept debut was a genuine surprise, and look at the effect it had. I personally prefer the leak-free introductions.
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