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Full Version: 13 inch macbook
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I have decided that my working life would be much simpler if I had a Macbook.

Since I'm just a writer, and not some big fancy graphics or movie guy I think a 13 incher will do me just fine. But the question is should I get a pro, or save my $200 and go with the base model?

The programs I will be using on a daily basis are:
MS Word 2008

Programs I might use eventually, but even then occasionally, are:

So, should I save my money, or is the upgrade to the pro worth the seemingly small fee of $200?
Just get the MacBook.
I have the pro and love it. I use InDesign and photoshop frequently too. I say just bust out the extra 2 benjamin's for the pro. It just feels so much more quicker/smoother than a regular macbook.
Or you can buy a refurb Macbook Pro for the same price as a base Macbook. It comes with the one year warranty that you would get if you bought new so that's also nice.
I went from a 15-inch multimedia laptop, to a 12-inch ultra-portable business laptop (it was free, and my old laptop was dying so no real complaints), and at first I was impressed by the extra portability. As time went by though, I realized I'd definitely trade some of that portability for a nice, big, glossy widescreen.
Honestly, I wish they had kept the old MacBook pro's matte screen. I hate the glossy. Reflections are the devil.
fiber optic
Nobody ever says I wish I'd built the smaller motor. Apply as necessary to your new computer purchase.
^ Hahahaha.
Macbook Pro = Sexy

I like how the aluminum is made using an extrusion process. Just like how the Lotus Elise chassis are made.
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