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Full Version: As the Lord didn't intend it
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Dr. Strangelove

If you love the Lord and love fast cars, this Honda S2000 is the car for you...

The funny
you know, after I put an exhaust on my GTI, i kinda wish that it was Vtec for some reason. With the turbo, the "peak" sound goes around 3K RPM and sound stays the same. If it was a VTEC or a NA engine, it would increase as I revved it. But having no torque is a big thumbs down. I wanna be able to push myself back towards the seat.
Used 2001 Honda S2000 CR

They had a CR edition in '01 or this is guy just mistaken or an idiot?
Mistaken/idiot, lancer.
that's what I thought. The car basically gave me that but I didn't want to speak out of turn there.
Dr. Strangelove
On S2Ki they said that CR must stand for Christ Roadster.
I bet this car has never been above 20mph.
Luckily you can replace the hood for relatively cheap, or just sand it down, get the color code, and take it to a paint shop. That's a somewhat decent price... but i'd have them knock off the price of painting the hood over. haha
Just throw a CF hood on there. (CF = christ-free)
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