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Full Version: Ford Fiesta
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I stumbled upon it in my tiny suburb- sitting very nondescript next to a row of apt. buildings. It was very nice looking, I like it.

lol at the spare tire, since these are only in the states as part of the "fiesta movement" marketing campaign.
Nice flowers... sick.gif
I'm not a fan of the purple.
I think I saw one in Portland last weekend, couldn't get a shot of it though.
i love how you guys are all excited about seeing this tongue.gif
Well i'd be excited too, if it means the new focus will take it's styling cues from it, aka european focus.
saw a green one in Oakville, ontario near the ford plant.
I saw a green one on the interstate here.

It's kind if impressive to actually see one since there are only 80 of them in the states right now.
I wonder if that maroon one is the same car that got impounded by the NYPD, who then proceeded to loose it in their system and declare that it was not impounded, even though the Ford people boosted a camera over a fence of the impound lot and took a picture of it.
^ WTF?
link to story?

EDIT: For the record, it wasn't the NYPD that screwed up, but it was the guy who was using the car. He'd been giving the NYPD the wrong plate number.
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