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Full Version: very strange things happening
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So I decided to re-install DS_xP.gif on my work computer.

Everything is fine, except now I can't seem to get the computer to want to connect to the internet.

If I access my router through IE or firefox that works fine...and my network connections seem to be OK...but when I open the browser window it cant open sites.

I even installed a USB WiFi adapter I had, and same result, connects to the router fine, but won't open a webpage.

I also turned off the firewalls on both DS_xP.gif and my router (linksys wrt54g) to no effect.

Proxy settings are all off.

I'm sure there is some silly thing I did at the setup stage, but Ill be damned if I can figure out what that is.
I'm starting to wonder if this has anything to do with my router, since now I cannot update my vista laptop, and the error code suggests something is wrong with my router's firewall...but turning it off does nothing...
have you tried hooking the computer directly to your cable/DSL modem and skipping the router?
Vista has a lot of crap about trusted network and shit. I had to fight with my vista pc for a good hr to get it to play along with my home wireless.
I haven't tried hooking the desktop up to the modem directly, however I have tried connecting the computer through the WiFi and through the cable, no difference.

It's like my router is preventing my desktop from accessing the interwebz.

I tried live help from linksys help what so ever.

Although I think the laptop problem is separate, since I connected to an unsecured network close by, and I still couldn't update.

It might be time for another vista redoux...or maybe some Windows 7 RC action.
is it a ghost>
QUOTE(darinzon @ Jun 6 2009, 08:12 AM) *
is it a ghost>

I like this theory.
After the amount of BS I have been through trying to fix this mo-fo I wouldn't rule out the supernatural yet...

Fuck...the absolute worst part of all this is that if I reinstall windows on my machine I'm gonna have to re do my iTunes library...which is a fucking bitch considering the sorry state it's in.

I guess before I do anything I should organize that bitch, making the reinstall less root-canalingly painful.
Spyware could have hosed your proxy settings. If the proxy settings get fucked up in IE, it takes out a lot of other stuff as well.

Go to Tools > Internet Options and click the Connections tab. Click Lan Settings and then look at the bottom and see if Use a Proxy Server is checked.

I've seen spyware that will install a few website files then redirect the browser to the local address of the computer so whenever you opened your browser, you always got that page. I've also seen said spyware get removed but the proxy settings stick around.
^that did happen a few months back, but I reset all those fuckers.

My friend thinks that the problem might be with my desktop now having a different name than it used to, and the router getting confused...does this sound likely?

He said that resetting my router (which hasn't ever been done in 5 years of ownership) should solve the problem.

Any thoughts?
i reset my router at any occasion when things start messing up, and mostly it solves the problem.

just make sure you have your internet account details before you reset it.
^Already done.

Low and behold, the desktop is functioning again...time to see about that laptop downloading updates!
Try opening command prompt and typing ipconfig /flushdns

Also do an ipconfig /release and then ipconfig /renew to see if that helps.

Also, try setting and as your primary and secondary DNS settings.

Sometimes the ISP has trouble with their DNS servers which usually causes a lot of the symptoms you're experiencing.
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