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Full Version: Which 911 series is better looking
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OK, we had the poll about the Targa with its glass roof, so now it is a poll which one of the 911 types looks best or where the looks embodies most what the 911 is about.

It is no poll about which 911 is the technically best, it's only about the looks.

Original 911 (1963 - 1973)

911 G model (1973 - 1988)

964 (1988 - 1994)

993 (1993 - 1998)

996 (1997 - 2006)

997 (2004 - now)
I really have no idea. The original 911 and 993 run it close, but I think the 997 is my favorite styling wise. It just grew up and went from being cute to straight up gorgeous.
I think the 996 looks the best in its dressed-up guises (i.e. Turbo), but for simple, unadulterated form the 997 wins.
QUOTE(4wheelfreak @ May 26 2009, 06:12 PM) *
I think the 996 looks the best in its dressed-up guises (i.e. Turbo), but for simple, unadulterated form the 997 wins.

Just looking back at it, I think I may actually prefer the 996 in Carrera guise. In Turbo though, I'd definitely go for a 997.
911 G-model

Mmmmmmmmmmmm whale tale.
I think the 993 is both the most beautiful all dressed up (GT2) and it looks equally as great as a turbo or any other variant you want.
993 wins straight up.

997 comes a close second, and the 996 gets and honorable mention thanks to the Turbo and C4S.
It's a hard choice. The 993 is classic looking but it's fallen out of favor with me, I think I'm finally considering it to look too dated. I've been getting into the early 996's small-fendered, narrow-bodied look lately but I'd have to say overall I'm going for the 997. But I really do like them all.
The only 911's I care about are the GT3 and the RS and the 996's looked so much better.
i've always had a soft sport for the i voted for that.
For me it was between the 993 and the 997, voted for the latter. I never liked the headlights of the 996 which were called "ausgelaufene Spiegeleier" (leaked out fried eggs) in Germany.
fiber optic
The original
I think the 997 looks miles better inside and out than the 996. I'm in love with the so-called G model though.
QUOTE(Benny @ May 26 2009, 09:45 AM) *
911 G-model

Mmmmmmmmmmmm whale tale.

the first thing I ever rained on was a 993
Always loved the 993. The 997 is a very close 2nd though.
I really shouldn't have bothered voting. I love 911s so much, I change my opinion every five I'm thinking the 993 is my favorite.
Mr b00st
I am torn between 997 and G... but whale tails rule.

Yeah I do love 964s, they have a chunky charm to them that other 911s don't have.
964 RS = car for which they pay ridiculous amounts of money.

A friend had one, sold it about two years ago for nearly 50K EUR to a british car freak. $70,000 for a 15 year old car!
I'd happily take an 964 RS America but they're on the upswing in terms of market value.
My mate has a 964 RS Ruf Turbo.

We've been on track together on numerous occasions.

His is faster on the straights. Big deal! It still looks and feels like a Beetle to me! DS_Evil.gif

gs up hos down niggaaaaaaaa
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