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Full Version: home theater question
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John Potts
So, I just got a denon 7 channel reciever from my work for dirt cheap (we auction off old electronics that we cant resell because they're discontinued or have minor flaws, this one didnt have anything wrong with it and I got it for $15). Anyways, what are some good home theater speakers? Im not looking to get anything huge, I live in an apartment on the second level and my living room where I have it is 10'x10'. Smaller speakers would be great, or 2 tall ones with a small sub. I dont know anything about speakers so, what have you guys had the best luck with?
Onkyo makes 2 7.1 systems that have gotten good reviews:
The onkyo system is pretty good. Frys sells a Onkyo receiver and Polk audio speaker setup that is fantastic for apartments and small rooms. Alternatively, you can give this list a try .. some very good suggestions in there.

If you want to be a speaker snob try and audition B&W, Paradigm, PSB, Monitor Audio, Revel and Klipsch.
fiber optic
QUOTE(dukenukem @ May 22 2009, 05:11 PM) *

I've got the previous gen of the low-end Polk listed on that page. I got a good deal on it locally. The sound is awesome.
I have paradigm speakers... excellent sound for the money.
Monitor Audio makes good stuff but it is kinda hard to get it in the states and is a little pricey.
I found 2 dealers in DFW area and both were more than willing to work with me on prices. Too bad my job situation was very dicey then so i didnt pull the trigger. There is one dealer on who is willing to ship them and for a very good price. That said .. audition any speaker before purchase.
John Potts
I ended up getting a set of DCM speakers. I work at an electronics/furniture store and theres crazy markup on audio. MSRP $299 for a 5.1 surround sound setup, my cost, $169. BOOSH. They sound really nice, Ill probably upgrade the sub when I move out.
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