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Full Version: Lacie network HDD
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My dad gave me a 350gb lacie network hard drive.

I just plug it into my router, and bingo bango, I have access to the drive from anywhere.

I also have a 1tb HDD which I got from a friend, and thought..."that's 3X the storage!". So I popped it into the Lacie chassis, thinking it would be a straight trade. No go.

The chassis only wants to work with the original disk.

Is there is something I can do to this 1tb drive to make it work with the Lacie chassis?
I'd think it should work. Maybe the network chassis has some sort of hidden partition on the original drive that it loads it's software from? It could probably be hardcoded to only work with that drive but I doubt it.
There's either firmware or an OS image loaded on the drive since it's required to manage the file share. There might be some utility out there to flash/load the firmware onto a new drive.
That's more or less what I thought...but I didn't kn ow how to say it.

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