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As the long-running production of the Jaguar X-Type comes to a close, figured it was a good time for a cool wall poll.

Jaguar released the X-Type for the 2002 model year to try and compete in the lucrative and crowded entry-level luxury sedan segment against cars such as the perennial favorite BMW 3-series as well as other popular entries like the Audi A4, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and various entry-level Lexus and Infiniti models. The X-Type was sold in North America until the 2008 model year and will be phased out in 2010 for other world markets.

Based on the new-for-2000 Ford Mondeo, the Jaguar X-Type offered standard all-wheel drive in North American markets as well as standard DOHC V6 Duratec motors. ROW markets got a variety of four cylinder, diesel, and front wheel drive models as well. An estate model, called the "Sportwagon" in the United States, debuted in 2005. The car received a minor facelift for the 2008 model year.

US Specs
Standard all-wheel drive
194 HP 2.5 liter DOHC 24v V6 (2002-2005, N/A on Sportwagon)
231 HP 3.0 liter DOHC 24v V6
5-speed manual standard (N/A on Sportwagon or after MY2005)
5-speed automatic transmission
Curb weights from 3428 pounds (2003 2.5 5MT Sedan) to 3734 pounds (2008 3.0 5AT Sportwagon)

Though the X-Type never got close to its sales goal of 100,000 units, it is actually Jaguar's best selling model. However, the car is widely regarded as a failure and was never very profitable.


Compared to the XF, this is a good bit uncool.
Never really considered it a proper Jaguar .. more like a jumped up mondeo. Uncool.
a slice of the xj's character for a quarter of the price. Plus, i think its one of the very best cars i have ever driven. It was nothing like a mondeo...all they shared was the basic platform. Cool
I voted cool just because I always had a soft spot for it...I dunno why, when I see someone driving one, particularly a sport with the 5 speed, I think...there's a person who bought the car they wanted. Definitely not something you say all the time in this segment, so that's my reasoning for a cool.
Jags are cool, even when they are gussied up fords
Ugh, I don't care how good/bad this car is, I see so many of them and they're so ugly. Blech!
QUOTE(Synesthesia @ May 20 2009, 04:16 PM) *
Ugh, I don't care how good/bad this car is, I see so many of them and they're so ugly. Blech!

uncool for sure...

A jag with a v-6... fail.

It is also ugly as shit to... not a true Jag.
QUOTE(shandyman5 @ May 21 2009, 02:59 AM) *
A jag with a v-6... fail.

You realize that the Series 1 & 2 E-types had 6-cylinders right?

I adore this car. I think Jaguar's chassis engineers did a fine job tuning it, and as a result it's as pure a driving experience as you can expect from this breed of car. I still hold it the benchmark to which I judge all cars of its ilk. The 3-series is sterile by comparison, the Infiniti G is just artificial...nothing in the segment comes close to matching its overall feel. One of the most underrated cars of our time. Stare at a spec sheet, and it looks like all of its competitors (even at the time) had it soundly beaten. Get behind the wheel, and it's a completely different story. (All of this comes from first-hand experience of driving the top-spec 3.0 V6 AWD.)

Though I won't disagree with people who regard it as uncool. Being a good car is one thing, but being a Jaguar is quite another. I suppose it is a travesty to the fast, glamorous cars Jaguar should be (and currently is thankfully) making.
I logged in especially to vote "uncool".

Boring, boring, boring!
Ugly inside and out.

It was a gussied up Mondeo which tried to fool people into thinking that it was a Jaguar. IMO it is an example of the laziness that ford displayed with a lot of it's premium brands and was the final nail in the coffin of old Jaguar (pre XF and XK).

I don't think the Mondeo argument really stands. The two are worlds apart in terms of driving...also would that make the S-type a dressed-up Lincoln LS, and the XF as well by extention? They weren't trying to fool anyone, they were just making use of what resources they had.
Every time I see one of these around town it's always some idiot with the 6 cylinder thinking they're special. Every time I work on one I'm appalled at the materials and build quality. Uncool.
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