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Full Version: Intel or AMD
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In response to the anti-trust lawsuit against Intel and then AMD gloating and being dicks about it, what is your choice for processors?

I've used AMD's in the past back when they were good but now everything I use is Intel. The only AMD product I used is my Radeon 4850. Imo AMD has been losing the processor race for awhile and they're falling further and further behind with every new product they release.

AMD claims that Intel has a stranglehold on the market and that it's unfair. A question, when's the last time someone saw an AMD commercial? Or any marketing for AMD at all? I don't recall ever seeing any... but I do see a lot of Intel marketing. Why is this? AMD could invest some money in marketing I'm sure.

But from a totally unbiased standpoint, what do you guys prefer?
intel make better processors imo.

also, my first rig that i built had an AMD cpu...3000 something? it was decent, but the intels of those times were better. my laptop has a core2duo...and i couldn't be more happy with it.
I've always preferred AMD, I've run them exclusively since the death of the Pentium 3. At the moment, it's one of the biggest gaps in favor of Intel at the moment (since the '90s) but that's really only when you compare their comparable processor's performance...AMD offers their chips much cheaper right now (either through necessity or just because they make cheaper chips, I dunno) so that for the price of a midrange Intel you can get a much more high end AMD and the performance difference basically evaporates for every dollar you spend.

Frankly Cyclone I'm shocked that you blame AMD for Intel's transgressions here, Intel did so many shady, illegal things to get ahead in the european suit that I'm honestly shocked any corporation would even try to do that.
No normal person notices the difference between the two these days when you buy a cpu from either brand at the same price point. Intel's range goes a bit further, but so does the price tag at the high end.
I've used intel chips cpus and ATi videocards since I started building computers. Now that AMD has ATi that would make the two 4870s the only AMD product that I have used.

QUOTE(clarkma5 @ May 18 2009, 02:43 PM) *
Intel did so many shady, illegal things to get ahead in the european suit that I'm honestly shocked any corporation would even try to do that.

Siemens-VDO has done some very shocking things in the past that I would have to rank up higher than Intel's doing. All I have to say is business is business, whatever gets more units sold...
There is such a thing as "corporate ethics" you know.
fiber optic
I've only built AMD systems in the past because I thought I was getting a lot of performance for less cash than an Intel. I'm not a CPU brand whore though.

No vote.
I voted for Intel because I like AMD better.
i vote powerpc
I have both, my macbook pro is a C2D, but my desktop which I built about 4 years ago was a Socket 939 AMD 3200+ but I bought an Opteron 170 for like $150 2 years later. When I built my computer the Opteron 939s just came out and the 170 was like $800, I waited 2 years and got it for $150, I thought that was a steal on my part lol..
I prefer AMD mostly because the last few computers I've had have used AMD's. I've got an intel core 2 duo on my laptop and it's great so far. It's not that I dont like intel, but when building my past few towers, I've gotten better deals on amd's. Plus, the ability to overclock is nice (even though it puts strain on heating).
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