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Full Version: Which 911 is better looking?
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I never really paid much attention to the Targa as they're pretty rare, and I see one every three months or so. But each time I see it my appreciation for it grows. The roofline is subtly different from the regular 911s, and I can't help but think it's a bit prettier. What do you guys think?

Carrera duh tongue.gif
If I could get the Targa in 2WD, I'd definitely go for that.
They both look exactly the same.
Oddly I think the Targa's roofline makes the 911 look bigger. I'll take the Carrera.
I like the glass roof aspect of the targa...
fiber optic
QUOTE(b0mb3r @ May 3 2009, 04:09 PM) *
I like the glass roof aspect of the targa...

Same here. When I was daydreaming about the day I would buy a Porsche it was always the Targa I was after.
QUOTE(dukenukem @ May 3 2009, 01:44 PM) *
They both look exactly the same.
QUOTE(dukenukem @ May 3 2009, 04:44 PM) *
They both look exactly the same.

...but I'd rather have a Carrera because it's less glass and more business.
The rear quarter lites on the Targa don't work for me, also the chrome strip is kinda tacky.
this poll is dumb. i think what we can all take from this is that porsche needs to finally fill that exterior designer position.....
QUOTE(dukenukem @ May 3 2009, 01:44 PM) *
They both look exactly the same.
I think the Targa is great.

I would definitely go for that model despite the increased weight and higher centre of gravity penalties, which will really not be an issue in road use. Anyone who seriously believes that the extra weight of the targa roof will limit their ability to enjoy the car is only kidding themselves.


911s cost too much for what they offer, IMO.

I've been underwhelmed by any I've tried so far (no 997 yet).

My wife says all 911s are ugly and even the newest are still quite clearly "squashed Beetles" (I have to agree that they are still Beetle-ish, but less so than earlier ones. They are still not beautiful /stunning like a Gallardo, etc.).

Most importantly, she refuses to entertain the idea of getting one...

which makes it easier to sell her the idea of the plus points of a cheaper, more practical alternative wink.gif thumbs_up.gif
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