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Full Version: virus troubles
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i think i may have a virus on my computer. Anytime i connect to the internet, windows explorer and i think the task scheduler crash. I also get trojans and a bunch of other stuff which my virus scanner promptly quarantines. ive deleted everything from the temp folder, run antimalware bytes, run mcafee...everything. The viruses are removed but once i connect to the internet they all come back and everything starts crashing. I really dunno what else to do. There is one file from the temp folder that doesnt delete and i think thats the problem...but i could be wrong. Any help would be great, since im a complete newb...thanks
Nevermind, I think I killed it. So it isn't as urgent anymore, but just go ahead and post your advice anyway.
you've already lost most of the time, format and reinstall windows.
Either use an anti-virus which boots from a CD (i.e. Norton Anti-Virus) or burn your hard drive.
Does W32/Virut.n.gen ring a bell to anyone? McAfee is still stopping it dead, but I can't get rid of it. I don't have a bootable anti-virus Phix, the earliest I can get a hold of one is tomorrow, since it's 2AM.
Make sure to do this when you connect to the internet...
I use Avira Free Anti Virus and it didnt let me down so far.
Meh, I found it, and took care of it manually. There were a couple files that saw it fit to connect to the internet and download all kinds of bs...they weren't viruses...they were just downloading them. So the scanners weren't catching them.

Also tracked down the source of the virus. A friend of mine's flash disk was full of the shit, and we're working on a group project. I took the opportunity to clean it out for her.
I'm currently being plagued by some really nasty virus' at the moment.
I even formated & reinstalled 3 times this weekend past. But it's gone & put itself somewhere on one of my other drives. So as soon as I had a nice new fresh install, it just gets infected again.
Running NOD32 v4 came up with 1355 infections. Majority of them coming out of windows/system32 folder.

The other thing it does constantly is copy over a random .exe & .inf file to anything I plug in (CF card, USB stick). I'm always deleting it, but will always copy over a new one.

I have no idea how to get rid of something which is sitting in among 1TB of data on separate drives.
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