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Full Version: Maserati GranSport
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The Maserati GranSport is a modified version of the Coupé and Spyder that was first unveiled at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show.[41] It is equipped with aerodynamic body cladding, a chrome mesh grille, carbon fiber interior trim, and special 19-inch (480 mm) wheels. It uses the Skyhook active suspension, with a 0.4 inch (10 mm) lower ride height, and the Cambiocorsa transmission is recalibrated for quicker shifts. The exhaust is also specially tuned to "growl" on start-up and full throttle.[42]

It is powered by the same 4244 cc, 90° V8 petrol engine used on the Coupé and Spyder. However, the engine develops 395 brake horsepower (294.6 kW) at 7000 rpm due primarily to a different exhaust system and improvements on the intake manifolds and valve seats.[43] A six-speed paddle shift transmission comes as standard. The car is 178.1 inches (4,520 mm) long, 71.7 inches (1,820 mm) wide, 51.0 inches (1,300 mm) high and weighs 3,704 pounds (1,680.1 kg).[44]

Technical Specifications:

Drivetrain: Front Engine / RWD
Engine: 4.2L V8 producing 395bhp @ 7000rpm
Transmission: 6-spd paddle shift
Weight: 3704lbs (1680kg)

Official Website:
It so pales in comparison to its successor that it can only get Neutral maximum.
i voted cool because this is when i started to fall in love with maserati's.
Something about this cars design has always put me off. It comes off as being pretty awkward. Neutral from me.
I know it's kinda weird but this has probably been my favorite Maserati ever since it debuted, and that continues today. Cool for sure in my book.
Everytime I see this car in public i just wished it was a Quattroporte instead. I have to give it a meh.
The design isn't hugely overwhelming, although it is a relatively good looking car, but what makes it neutral is that this car has the single worst gearbox of any car i have ever driven, and that includes the Hyundai Atos. The car is so shit to drive it's ridiculous. At full bore the hardcore shifts are livable, but once you're sitting in traffic it doesn't get any better, the shifts are so neck jerkingly hardcore, it's ridiculous.
Average, therefor Neutral.
Boring car (plus I don't like the front with the oddly shaped headlights). Neutral.
I dunno, as a car it kinda falls flat on it's face. Not as good as it's rivals, nor is it as good looking.

On the other hand it offers a Ferrari engine for a fraction of the price of a Ferrari.

Also, I think that it doesn't have enough of an image to attract people who want a car as a status symbol. To buy one you really have to be a fan of Maserati.
A friend of mine's brother had one for a while, but ultimately got sick of the transmission (and traded it in for a Bentley Continental GT). It's poorly suited to the road, but I've heard it's pretty damned quick on the track. So it looks fabulous, and goes well on the track. It's also a pretty special car, and other than the transmission, pretty usable everyday. Cool for me.
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