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Full Version: Ferrari Racing Game
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It's free. You know you want to...
is it any good ?

you must add some kind of a comment you know.


ok i tried it and it is amazing.

way better than the BMW M3 thing , the handling and the graphics quality are in Grid level , if not better.

thanks moe.
Pretty good. I have to agree that it is better than M3 Challenge. It has an interesting damage system. Above 25 to 30 percent the engine cuts off intermittently. Once it is above 70% it the other way around, the engine is one intermittantly. Above 90% gear changes have a terrible grinding noise. There is also a blurring effect that I do nor care for, but it can be turned off. My favorite thing to do is go into a turn in 3rd and kick the rear out. I also try to drift the last turn before the straight but I usually can't hold the drift and usually spin out. Game could use more tracks though. I'd give it an 8.8.
From what I read there'll be expansions later. Mainly car and track downloads. I believe the first download will be the California...
The F430 Scud. is way better than the others, the others are mainly better for drifting replays, lol. Gotten a 1:53 with the 430 and a best of 1:57 on the 612.
This is my best in the Scud, I don't think it can cut much more time off.

We should see if we would get a DS race once it goes multiplayer.
My quickest is 1:49.2
They have a wheel and pedal set out now...;mid=400312064
Can it be played with a keyboard or mouse like LFS?
Its what I use
Yeah, was just playing it. Sucks that you can't disable the auto-correct with the keyboard.
Better break out with the logitech wheel. I just finished downloading it.
What keyboard autocrrect?
When you oversteer it automatically applies a little bit of opposite lock.
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