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I moved this from the Off-Topic forum because I'm an ignorant idiot and didn't notice this section.

I'm not sure if any of you guys have a little gaming personality in them FPS wise, but I'm gonna post this here just in case to see what you guys think.

Today, my friend made me a deal, but I don't know if I should get it..

He said he has the Valve Complete Pack, which has basically all the current valve games, past and present, ranging from Deathmatch Classic to Left 4 Dead. I checked out how much it was and it was being sold for like $99.99 (presumably USD?). My friend is selling it to me for $80 CAD. The thing is I'll only be using like four or five of the games from the package, and my friend said it doesn't come in a form of a CD or anything, only software that's transferable (is this true? I haven't bought any valve games in the longest time, let alone anything online).

Long story short, something that is sold for 99.99USD with like 20 games is being offered to me for 80CAD. Deal or No Deal, that is the question.

Here's the product as advertised
yeah, thats a good deal. L4D is really good worth 50USD for sure itself. If you havent played portal, thats well worth its 20USD price. So now you're at like 18 games for the low low price of somewhere in the hood of 10CAD (i dont know the exchange rate so i went with 1:1)
You can't be logged into the same steam account as the same time.. so if he is playing something then you are SOL.
QUOTE(BankieVR6 @ Apr 1 2009, 02:18 PM) *
You can't be logged into the same steam account as the same time.. so if he is playing something then you are SOL.

he's not doing that.. if I buy it from him he'll put it into my account and he'll help me do it. He said I can watch him when I go to his place to do it
Yea its a solid deal. but why are you only using 4 or 5 games from the package?
lol it's either because I'm really used to those games because I've played them/wanted to play them, I'll probably play more than just five of them (if my computer can handle it of course) because I've been itching to play the HL2 series of games, as well as TF2 and L4D. Day of Defeat and those other games just don't seem to pique my interest... but Portal seems really interesting. For the past few years my steam account's running in the dark ages playing HL1 and 1.6/CZ because I just don't bother to get the Source powered games.. but now seems like an opportunity.
HL2 is fucking brilliant.

I don't normally finish games like HL just because I get to a really hard puzzle part and walk away for a while. (In HL1 I'm stuck at the part where you go to the alien planet). But HL2 seems to have put in fewer puzzles and really brought the story along nicely.

I played the first game through in about a would have gone by quicker if I wasn't sneaking a half hour here and there while the kid slept and the wife was distracted. I'm currently playing Episode One, and it's pretty good too.

But I think $80CAD is a lot. I bought my copy of HL2 from EB games for $10.00, the CSS and DODS pack for another $10.00 and the Episode pack for another $10.00.

I'm sure you could find the titles you're missing from that for less than $50.00.
Well L4D is 50 in itself. So if he isn't gonna play that, then yea he could find it for less.
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