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Full Version: Toyota Paseo (1st Gen)
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The Toyota Paseo (known as the Cynos in Japan and other regions) was a sporty economy car released in 1991 and was loosely based on the Toyota Tercel. It was available as a coupe and in later models as a convertible. Toyota stopped selling the car in the United States in 1997, however the car continued to be sold in Canada, Europe and Japan until 1999, before being replaced by the Echo in 2000. The Paseo, like the Tercel, shares a similar platform to the Toyota Starlet. Several parts are interchangeable between the three.

The first generation of the Paseo was made from 1991 to 1995. Based on the Tercel, the Paseo featured a 1.5 L E series 5E-FE I4 engine. In most places, the Paseo's engine was rated at 100 hp (74 kW @ 6400 rpm) and 91 ft·lbf (124 Nm @ 3200 rpm) of torque. In California and other states with California level emissions standards, it was rated at 93 hp (69 kW) and 100 lbf·ft (136 Nm) of torque. It was offered with either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic.

Technical Specifications:

Drivetrain: Front Engine / FWD
Engine: 1.5L I4 - 100bhp
Transmission: 5-spd Manual / 4-spd Automatic
Weight: 975kg (2150lb)

Official Website: N/A
vomit inducing.
Haha! Definitely uncool, but economy cars are not massively uncool, they're just massively boring.
Damn, this is my daily driver, and I voted cool. *hides*

Seriously though I think that a car with this diminutive size, small hp engine, and 5 speed stick is a joy to drive.
How can you not have fun in a car that is easy to heel/ toe, rev to 7K+, and handles quite well with a little bit of work?
It's a blast to drive although you're not really going fast but who cares.

I get 40mpg with E10 and have gotten as much as 44mpg on real gas and that's drivng the car hard. I always drive the car hard because it's so much fun to drive.
Has any of you actually driven this car?
Probably not but I'll keep my little jewel until it dies a good death.

Thanks for loving my little baby. emot-fuckoff.gif
You have to realize, the guy who posted this had a paseo and we ripped him mercilessly for it, so there is that bias in the voting.

Still hard to call it anything but uncool though...
Haha, my beater...15 years after i bought, it's still running...
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