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Last month, Porsche announced U.S. pricing for its upcoming Panamera luxury sedan. Today, we get official word on UK pricing for the all-new model. The standard rear-wheel drive Panamera S with a 400-hp V8, good for 0-62 mph sprints in 5.4 seconds (according to the automaker), will start with a base price of 72,266. Meanwhile, pricing for the Panamera 4S will begin at 77,269. That model's all-wheel drive system helps it launch 0-62 mph in just 5.0 seconds. The range-topping AWD Panamara Turbo, with 0-62 mph in 4.2 seconds, lists at 95,298.;area=videos Porsche Panamera review with designer Micheal Mauer

(thanks clarkma)
Fixed some spelling errors and added the poll for ya.

I'm erring on the side of cool. The more I see this car, the more I like it. I definitely think that when I finally see it in person I'm going to, that's gorgeous.
While it certainly looks cool I'm going to say it's uncool. The idea of a 4-door Porsche is sickening. It's like Lamborghini making a 4-do--- what? They have a concept car that MIGHT go into production? Oh God.
I'll probably in the minority here...but this car is uber cool. It is drop dead gorgeous, sexy interior, brilliany Porsche dynamics...will probably drive just as awesomly.

I seriously can't wait to see it in flesh and get a grasp of its beauty.

Also Phix, the Estoque should be made. A lot of companies are diversifying...
I think it's a difficult car to photograph right, because in some photos it shows up as gorgeous, and in other its just awkward. I had doubts about a Porsche 4-door, but this much truer to the brand than the Cayenne ever was, and after watching DR's video of the's just awesome. Cool.
a 4 door Porsche seems immoral.
After what Porsche did to the SUV with the Cayenne, I know this car will also be epic (you can argue about the Cayennes styling, but you can't deny it's a highly capable car, on and off road). But before I see one in person I'm not sure about it's coolness so I'm sticking to Neutral for now.
I'm going with cool on this one. I know Porsche is supposed to make sporty 2-doors, but that doesn't make this car uncool. The concept of a Porsche sedan just sounds really cool. A Lamborghini sedan would be even cooler.
It gets a meh from me. While its pretty well executed and looks far better than what i had imagined it would look it .. a 4 door porsche is just wrong. Depending on how the production versions will be to drive it might even get a uncool.
very nice car..
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