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Full Version: Melling Wildcat Speedster
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A Chrysler Hemi V8 sits under the shapely snout of Melling’s Wildcat Speedster – a one-off special built for a German customer.

With six cars customer cars under its belt already, Melling Sports Cars is keen to stress the ‘bespoke’ possibilities of its Wildcat chassis.

The Speedster pictured here was custom built with a new body designed for an owner who wanted to evoke memories of the Mercedes SLR and Ferrari Testarossa. The design includes a low fly screen which sits closer to the driver than the normal windscreen, and a pair of faired in roll-over humps. It’s also a left-hand driver, as the car is going to the Continent.

With the new Melling V8 (formerly the TVR AJP8) only just available as an option, all the Wildcats built to date have featured meaty American V8s including Chevy LS2/3s and the aforementioned Chrysler Hemi - which in the Speedster transmits its power through a 1000hp rated Tremec five-speed gearbox.

Due to the way the Wildcat is designed, Wildcat bodywork changes are a relatively simple matter says Melling. All the panels come off in less than an hour, leaving a rolling chassis that can even be driven.

This is one mean machine. I like it.
I love it, it looks gorgeous and totally unpretentious...the Hemi seems like such a good fit for this car in terms of character as well.
melling's a pretty cool guy, and his engines are supposed to great. the story behind al melling sportscars is he thought tvr had gone the wrong direction by jacking up prices, and trying to become the british porsche. he though tvr's success lay in cars like the griffith 500, which is probably more responsible for tvr's rise to fame in the 90s than any other. it was a simple, lightweight car, with great handling, timeless looks and an abundance of power. now that tvr's doing...well i don't know what they're doing tbh, melling's started up his own company to start selling his version of the griffith. i hope it works out, because the wildcat is a great car.

that's the original griffith 500. there was an update to the styling later, but it really ruined the car. i can't find a picture anyway.

edit: want to own a wildcat for 20 pounds?
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