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Full Version: BMW DesignWorksUSA designs ultimate gaming rig
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About a decade ago, pretty much every computer in the world was housed in a boring beige box, and the biggest design question was whether that container would sit vertically or horizontally. That's all changed now, partly due to the influence of Apple and custom PC manufacturers like Thermaltake, a Taiwanese company that specializes in PC cases and cooling devices.

Recently, Thermaltake contracted BMW DesignWorksUSA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the German automaker, to help create a new concept in high-end computing, and the result is wholly different from what's common to the market today. Instead of centering around one large box that all the computer components would sit inside, BMW's Level 10 concept uses a set of smaller containers that would house each individual piece.

The requisite LCD lighting is present and accounted for, in this case glowing a red hue that looks Vader-esque with the rest of its piano black plastic surrounds. This design is mostly an aesthetic exercise, but it may also have a desirable effect on cooling. Other unique features include a "USB memory key" that doubles as a power button and dual handles that allow the unit to be transported. See the official press release after the break.


This thing is sharp.
That looks awesome but it looks like cooling is going to be an issue
QUOTE(Aircooled @ Mar 15 2009, 08:51 AM) *
That looks awesome but it looks like cooling is going to be an issue

That depends. If that whole structure is made out of aluminum, or any other metal that transfers heat well than that will help tremendously. It looks like it could be a giant heat sink.

I personally like it since i am not a fan of the straight rectangle look.

On a side note, ive been toying around with the idea of building a oil submerged pc for fun.
that's just awesome.
Daaaaamn that looks slick! I want one!
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