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Full Version: Cars photos from Vietnam
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Hello all.
My name is Dzuy, Im shooting cars since 2008 in Vietnam, and Im still learning automotive photography. In Vietnam - some of you may visited already - don't have much cars and automotive photography still very new. I share with you some of my pics, I do hope you like them, any comments are welcome. I'm sure I will learn a lot from your comments

P/S: I used: 5D Mark II with 24-70 attached, 3 580EX.

BMW 328i

Honda Civic 2008


Focus on 328i
QUOTE( @ Mar 10 2009, 05:48 PM) *
P/S: I used: 5D Mark II with 24-70 attached, 3 580EX.

At least you have decent equipment there! I tend to think of Call of Duty Vietnam when I hear it. tongue.gif

Some nice pics too. As you shoot more you will learn small things like putting your flash units on full 1/1 power, but moving them further away from the car, thus allowing for more even light spread.
So keep shooting.
NIce pictures! I was in Vietnam in 2006 for a visit with some family. Definitely cars are rare. Cars were so crazy expensive you can expect to pay like at least 30-40K USD for a low end car.

Keep up the good work.
Yo man you're the first one i've seen with really nice shots of cars and good lighting. I've been around and . There are not many of them having a nice photoshoot of their "pimp out ride" . You should get in contact with them, especially on .

Glad to see folks from the mother land doing their thing biggrin.gif
Thanks all for your commented. I learned a lot from you guy here. Today I took a rig photography (with D.I.Y car rig) , any comments are welcome as usual.
@ Seethegrim thanks for your guide. I will do it again.
@ khanh': Hey, u have another nick name: khanhfat, right ;-) nice to see u here

nice.. u went ahead of me and get a rig smile.gif. I don't shoot cars that much so i don't need a rig yet smile.gif.
Hi all, longtime no post here cause password get lost :-(
Update with one of latest project

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