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Full Version: Funky 911
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I just stumbled across this today, I don't know if it's subtle enough to be tasteful or if a 911 and a Golf Harlequin had a goofy looking kid.
If it weren't for the odd combo of 996 bits on a 993 body I think it'd be pretty cool.
It looks like it's based on a Piet Mondrian painting
No. Just No.
QUOTE(Marien @ Dec 7 2008, 05:15 AM) *
It looks like it's based on a Piet Mondrian painting
That was my initial reaction.
I don't think its that bad really - but I think it would be better without it. It would be far better, even with that paint job, if it wasn't a terrible mix of 993 & 996 bits (as Clarkma mentioned above)
Leave the art on canvas, and leave the 996 bits on the 996.
^I disagree about the leaving art on the canvas bit...have you ever seen the BMW "Art Cars"?
^ I'd forgotten of those, but the question is, what were the intentions of the Porsche's owner? Did he just think it was a cool design and slap it on? Or did he mean to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art using an automobile as a platform? I'd wager it's the former.

Also, did you see the last BMW "Art Car"?

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