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Saw this while out for lunch in Media City...I've never seen a Speedster before, and it's easily one of the prettiest, little cars I've ever come across.

i know people are bonkers about that thing, its godawfulugly real life as well.
Oddly these are quite common where I live.
I see all the modern exotics all day, everywhere I go...but the classics are rare here.
is that a real thing? the kit cars are pretty cheap...
i was driving around with one of those in the woods behind uconn a couple weeks ago.
356's are pretty sweet. It's underpinnings are near identical to an old VW Beetle, Aircooled of course....
QUOTE(b0mb3r @ Nov 10 2008, 06:55 AM) *
is that a real thing? the kit cars are pretty cheap...

I'm not exactly sure, but it looked pretty legit.
fiber optic
If it's real it's in fantastic shape.
Synesthesia's really hard to tell if they're real. The picture is looks very out of place!
Man, there is a Porsche dealership just down the road from my old office, and they have one or two of these. Absolutely bloody gorgeous. I really, really want one. Really!
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