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Full Version: Paris 2008 Losers
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Dr. Strangelove
Same as the other thread, but here we discuss the dumbest, ugliest, worst cars debuted at the French car show.
Dr. Strangelove

Ahhh the MINI Crossover Concept. Never has there been a more blatent infringement on the spirit of what I think a compan shoud be (Maybe the Lamborghini SUV).

At any rate I would love to be at the board meeting when they came up with this one:
"Hey we're doing great selling small cute cars!"
"Yeah! But do you know what I think people really want?"
"A really ugly car thats not small."
"... Brilliant."
good picks all around
Dr. Strangelove
Citroen Hypnos Concept


It made my retinas bleed, and made me lose all faith in BMW.

I want to second Mitlov on the IS, but it's not THAT bad. It's more of a lost opportunity to have created something truly beautiful.
I once read an interview with a BMW exec who basically said "we're in the business of making vehicles that customers already want, not teaching them what they should want." I think he was explaining why they would be selling a 1-Series coupe and not a 1-Series hatch in North America.

The X1 is the culmination of that philosophy. It'll be great for BMW's sales and profits, but goddamn, it sucks.
QUOTE(Dr. Strangelove @ Oct 7 2008, 09:01 AM) *

i could do so much acid in that interior
Apparently acid was in no short supply at the design studio. Eeeesh.
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