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Afternoon all.

I spend most nights at work just browsing the web (work in IT, I'm an internet up-time checker whistle.gif ) and looking for inspiration. We all have are own hero's, and so I thought it might be a cool idea to get a list going of your all time fav car photog's websites. Hopefully, we'll all see someone's work we've never seen before

So, here are a few of mine

Lee Brimble (Top Gear etc) -

Easton Chang -

Wynn Ruji -

Nigel Harniman -

Mark Bramley -

Mark Fagelson -

Andy Morgan (EVO/Drivers-republic) -

Gus Gregory (EVO/Drivers-republic) -

Please add...
Stephan Romer -

Anton Watts -
Well i actually have a lot bookmarked that are members on the forum... so ill see what i can find...

Rene Staud -

Matt Watkinson - (used to belong here but i haven't seen him for a few years)

Barry Hayden -

Joe Windsor -

trackdemon - although I find James' site a bit annoying. Wicked stuff though

Plenty more but thats enough for now I think....
Dejan Sokolovski
I want to kill them all and take their powers, like Highlander! laugh.gif gah

no damn nice photographers those, I'll just add one link since all and more I knew of were mentioned.
I wish to show you and my site! my name Shimanovsky Ilya I live in Moscow, I photograph the Moscow actions, Cars, and also all what to be pleasant!
^I was just checking out your have some really nice shots on there! Some are much better than others though, imo.
оу Many thanks! I try.
Need to drop this one I think. Especially the GMC truck in the woods pic I think is extremely inspiring..
Dejan Sokolovski
oh yes, Bo Hylén is great, and that GMC truck photo in the woods is perfect, also #3.. in the tunnel heart.gif
I'll take some time later and sticky/edit it into one post.
QUOTE(Martin @ Sep 17 2008, 01:32 PM) *
Need to drop this one I think. Especially the GMC truck in the woods pic I think is extremely inspiring..

His client list is amazing.
Will add some:

Peter Hetzmannseder:

Thomas Von Salomon:

I don't want to see this thread die just yet... I'm still enjoying going through urls
Scott Dukes showed Jeff Creech who showed me this photographer:
Love this thread!

Chris Bailey

Think his low light detail stuff stand out, and notice the two VW Golf shots in the location section.. Also the yellow Porsche!

you guys already mention most of my favorites..
Thanks for making this a sticky!!!!
Japan Spirit
Anyone heard of roger cervantes, and knows his portfolio??? I think he is an Australian Photographer
hi everyone. smile.gif
i`m livin and makin my shots maybe in one of the coldest place any automotive photographer has ever been - the very middle of Siberia, Russia. it`s about -30 C outside now, but it`s still possible to survive and work here.
so please have a look what are we doing: automotive photography in Siberia
I'll add two more who aren't necessarily automotive, but still really cool:
QUOTE(mitch_f1 @ Mar 15 2009, 06:26 PM) *

He's got some great shots, but automotive-wise his rig shots seem extremely fake. Maybe its just me though.
QUOTE(Tyler Niday @ Mar 17 2009, 08:02 PM) *

How have I not seen these 2 before?

Loving Bill Cash's Tourag jumping shots..awesome smile.gif

Any more, for any more?
Tyler Niday
Heres a couple more from my favorites.
dIdnt know that Peter Keil made most of the Fiat Group shots... That Maserati PS Work is great, more render than a pic, but great...
I hope this hasn't been posted, but this guy pretty much goes around the world taking pictures. Some of them are simply breathtaking. I'd highly recommend looking around his flickr a little bit.
idk if this is a double post or not smile.gif
^^ Let him tell you himself. tongue.gif Andy is already on the forums.
Made me happy in my pants:

Jeff is my new Idol... thumbs_up.gif
QUOTE(Mr.D @ May 14 2009, 02:24 PM) *
Jeff is my new Idol... thumbs_up.gif

Jeff Ludes has always been my idol! haha

My new idols are product photogs though.

Mark Laita
Doug Rosa
Martin Wonnacott
Yeah, Jeff Ludes' stuff completely blew me away. It was like a blowjob for my eyes.
Dejan Sokolovski
I invited Jeff to dieselstation, I almost cried over how DAMN GOOD those photos are, I mean holy shit and the quality is BEYOND high quality.
Makes me want to kill myself.

He's using Hasselblad and Alpa with P45, P60 on the way appearantly...

lets hope he joins! =)
Nike SB'd
QUOTE(Seethegrim @ May 14 2009, 01:35 PM) *
Yeah, Jeff Ludes' stuff completely blew me away. It was like a blowjob for my eyes.

Yup Ludes rules... not much else I can say lol.
WOW. His stuff is mindblowing. Incredible.
Here's another. Found his pics in the latest CAR UK, great editorial
Dr. Strangelove
What a cool concept on the Mercedes Benz page!
^^ Who shot that campaign? I think its Peter something?
Dejan Sokolovski
I did! whistle.gif
Yeah, as it starts it says Peter Lindbergh. Brilliant concept IMO.
QUOTE(mackey @ Jul 21 2009, 09:12 AM) *

You can't post your own site as inspiration, that's cheating! laugh.gif (I'm not saying it's not inspirational BTW).
QUOTE(mackey @ Jul 21 2009, 10:12 AM) *

His images are *** awesome, any idea what kind of editing he ist using, they seem a little hdr like.
Really stunning, im speechless...
Here's another:

Some stuff is a bt 'meh', but mostly it's pretty damn good!
Just found this one, it's actually a local company, some guys from SA.
Check "WORK 3" for their car stuff. Pretty slick work.
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