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Full Version: Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang
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Alright so I just got back from a 16 day road trip across Europe (Paris to Prague via Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany) and got to see pretty much every single conceivable car available. Without a doubt, the best place for car sightings Geneva. While I only took pictures of the Veyron my friends and I sighted, at least once (often more), an Enzo, 430, 599, F50, Gallardo, Murcielago, DB9, Vanquish, 8C, Bentleys, Rolls.....the list goes on.

Yes I know the pictures are terrible, but the parking garage was absurdly dark, the car insanely shiny, and my camera not well suited for it. Nevertheless, the Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang in Geneva:

*the rest of the poorly lit pics later when I get some time

On a side note, this and many other exotics in Geneva have Arab plates. The reason is the city has become a sort of playground of the middle east to spend their money, and many decide to bring their cars with them on the trip. During the couple of days I was in Geneva I think I saw more Arabs than Swiss on the streets
Haha, yeah the Arabs like Europe. Most of my friends own property in Spain, and vacation there, France, England, and Italy a lot. For the record, that's a Pur Sang, not a Sang Noir.
good call moe. As I was writing it I realized I couldn't remember the difference and just guessed really
you'd be surprised how many arab plates there are in london and geneva.

awesome sighting.
And I thought no one could one-up the 8c sighting. Wow.
^ No one did.
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