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Full Version: motorcycle engines in cars
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It has been a long time dream (by long i really mean about 1 or 2 months) to put a motorcycle engine into a small car (I'm thinking Charade, or early gen Civic), but I don't have the cash or the space right now. I don't have any kind of engineering or mechanics background, but I was just wondering about a few things;

Is it possible to have the front axle (seeing as it would be pointless having such a short wheel base being driven from the rear) being chain driven, as it would be on the bike?? Would that be road legal/efficient. Or would it be easier to source some kind of a gearbox (from what) that would fit onto the motorcycle engine, and have the drift shafts coming out of the gearbox (as it would in a conventional front engine, or rear engined car)?

What other hurdles (besides braking, suspension, and electronics) have I not thought of?
fiber optic
Other than the uniqueness factor why do you want to do this? I think it's going to be more work than it's worth.
you'd better find a wrecked GSX-R1300 or ZX14.

realistically id say get an EF civic and drop a B16a1 or a B18C series engine.
you'll have more fun it will rev high and no chain drive!
I think a better idea would be to put like a 100cc to 150cc engine on a bicycle. Otherwise, you better find a 1000cc+ bike engine to put in a car or you won't be going anywhere fast.
Yeh I do realise that it would have to be a very big bike engine.

I want to do it, cause as fibre said, it would be unique, plus im hoping fast (anyone remember that 'busa powered golf?)
Unless you got a really big bike engine and stripped the vehicle to its would probably be sluggish rather than fast...
What if i whack a whopping great turbo on it?
Turbocharging a motorcycle engine? Yeeeeah, I imagine you'd have to do some major, major, major modifications in order to let the engine, you know, not blow up and be able to take the extra boost.
Yeh, but you hear of motorcycles being turbo'd all the time? Are they really that fragile?
Engine swaps get exponentially more difficult/expensive as you move away from the family of engines that go into that car. Yes you can swap a big motorcycle motor into a small car...if you've got the pocket book and the project experience for it.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this if your first project of this sort. Start off with something not too difficult...swap a VTEC B16 into a crappy Civic or something. It's still a good job and it'll still be fun, but it's not uncharted territory and it won't cost you $10,000 + half a year to do.

here you go smile.gif

and this is more about it:
Dr. Strangelove
A friend of mine is looking into creating a R1 based one off V8 out of two engines. It's set to go in his Champ Car chassis.
Not a motorcycle engine in a car kinda project but definitely one of the more awesome ones i have seen .. plus he is right across the the pond from you tongue.gif
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