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The Lamborghini Diablo served as the Italian manufacturers flagship vehicle from 1990 to 2001. In that time, 2,898 of these devils were produced and unleashed on to the roads. Numerous iterations of the Diablo were created all featuring different kinds of performance, different drivetrains, upgraded brakes and so forth. For quite a while, the Diablo served as an icon of Italian supercar insanity and brutality... perhaps even retaining that reputation and imagery even today.
Note that this entry deals with the original Diablo and not the AWD versions later on.

Pricing & Performance

Brand New - $239,000 USD (MSRP in 1998)
Current Value - $80,900 USD (1991 model) to $139,600 (1996 model)

Top Speed - 328km/h (203mph)
0 to 100km/h (62mph) - 4.09s

Technical Specifications

Drivetrain: Mid Engine / Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: 5.7 LV12 DOHC 4-valve per cylinder producing 492bhp @ 7000rpm
Transmission: 5-spd w/ Limited Slip Differential
Weight: 1576kg (3474lbs)
Length / Width / Height: 4460mm (175.6in) / 2040mm (80.3in) / 1105mm (43.5in)
Gets a solid cool from me. Its not as flamboyant and in your face like the countach so no Frozen.
I still think it's a far more dramatic looking car than any that succeeded it (Reventon accepted). Definitely frozen in my book.
Uncool because I have an intensely negative gut reaction to Lambos, a gut reaction I can't really put into words. But it's particularly true of Lambos that look like rolling door stoppers.
It's got that definitive supercar presence, supercar sound, and supercar temperment. I snap to attention everytime I see one. Frozen.
Pre-Audi? Frozen. Statistically, you're as likely to get burned alive as you are to get to your destination safely.

That's awesome.
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