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Mr b00st
So you've finally decided you've just had enough of those boring BMW's and Lexii, and you're stepping up to the Swedish Car Plate. But there are so many choices! So let's narrow it down: you want the awesome one. So turbocharging is a must, limited production is a plus, aftermarket support is good. And being swedish, it needs to be quirky, safe, and comfortable in addition to fast. Here are two distinctly swedish - but distinctly different - choices.

1) 1995 Volvo 850 T-5R

Body: 4-door, 5 passenger sedan or 5-door, 5-passenger estate
Engine: B5234R 2319cc inline-5, dual overhead camshafts, 4 valves/cylinder
Aspiration: Turbocharged, Mitsubishi TD04-16g with "overboost" (extra 3 psi at WOT in 2nd-4th)
Manufacturer's rated Crank BHP: 240@5600rpm
Manufacturer's rated Crank Torque: 236 ft-lbs@2400rpm
Claimed power after ipd Stage 1: 275bhp/280ft-lbs
Kerb weight: 3406lbs (Wagon)
Transmission: 4-speed automatic with three modes: Sport, Econ, and Winter
0-60 (stock): 7.0seconds
0-60 (ipd stage 1): 6.2 seconds
top speed: 153mph (stock)

In the right corner we have the bright yellow, slightly lairy torque-steering beast from the east! Volvo raced these cars (first as wagons, then sedans) in the BTCC with some success. Although it's questionable how well it translates to the road, as the T-5R's favorite thing seems to be rampant wheelspin. The handling isn't that bad thanks to the large wheels and sticky, low-profile tires, but these cars ride like they have no suspension. Bonus points for the mellodious 5-cylinder scream, if that's your thing. Floating around somewhere in an old Road and Track is a comparison test with the 850 T-5R wagon in it, and a picture of the speedometer pegged at 153. Imagine how baller you'll feel in a bright yellow, body-kitted, big-wheeled turbo Volvo station wagon that can do 150+. Hard to deny.

2) Saab 9000 Aero
(also known in other countries as CS Carlsson, or SPG)

Body: 5-door, 5-passenger hatchback
engine: B234R 2290cc inline-4, dual overhead camshafts, 4v/cylinder
Aspiration: Turbocharged, Garrett T25 then Mitsubishi TD04
Manufacturer's rated Crank BHP: 225@5000rpm
Manufacturer's rated Crank Torque: 258@1900rpm
Claimed crank power after BSR PPC: 265bhp/312lb-ft
Transmission: 5-speed manual or 4 speed automatic. NOTE: 4 speed automatic decreases power output to 200bhp, it's basicallly the normal 9000 2.3 turbo engine
0--60 (stock) : 6.7 seconds
0-60 (BSR): 5.9 seconds
top speed: 149

Coming into the battle, it seems it's hardly a fair fight for the Saab. For one thing, it's not bright yellow and they never raced a wagon version of it in the BTCC. But lay into that thick band of midrange torque in third and you'll wonder exactly how many cylinders are really under the hood. The 9000 is a relatively heavy car with a relatively small engine, so it's off-the-line performance isn't impressive. But thanks to all that torque, it's rolling performance is. When the Aero came out in 1993, Saab has a most interesting bragging right attached to it: Faster from 50-75 than a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 or a Ferrari Testarossa. Not too shabby. These cars with basic bolt-ons are capable of surprising the crap out of some dumbestics, at least from a roll. Plus when you're done dusting Rustangs, you've got 5 seats and a gigantic trunk. It's ace.

So which is it? Arrrgh! DS, opinions?
Even though I've heard the transmission in the T5-R was complete garbage I would still pick it over the SAAB. Mind you I'd rather have a new V70R...
The Saab. Neither of these really excite me mechanically, but when it comes to coolness, Saab > Volvo in my book.
fiber optic
Party because of some bias but also because Saabs have only recently become visually appealing (the sample here is not).
Volvo. They're built like tanks, and the boxy styling of the 850 is yet to date in my eyes. I'll take a sedan though, in a dark gray rather than that hideous yellow.

Back in middle school I remember this really, really hot Finnish girl's dad drove a T5-R sedan in that same retarded color.
The Saab. Its not a wagon and comes with that essential third pedal. = Knockout

This really is a tough one. The yellow of the T5-R draws me and both are equally stylish in my book. But, like many others, the manual of the 9000 takes it for me.
T5-R, only cause I'm biased cause I just bought an 850 thumbs_up.gif
Just look at it, the Volvo is far cooler! Though it's not really clear what we're voting about...
Mr b00st
QUOTE(infinity935 @ Jun 7 2008, 02:17 PM) *
T5-R, only cause I'm biased cause I just bought an 850 thumbs_up.gif

good for you! They are great cars; I thought you had a Miata?

is yours the turbo model?

QUOTE(Synesthesia @ Jun 8 2008, 12:05 PM) *
Just look at it, the Volvo is far cooler! Though it's not really clear what we're voting about...

I'm sorry. Just basically which, given your druthers, you'd rather have.

BTW I voted for the Saab, but it was hard.
Not really saab's most exciting looking car. One of the worst looking ones i think, but then again it can be quite a sleeper. A few simple mods that that thing starts to push 300 WHP.
I voted for the Volvo
QUOTE(Mr b00st @ Jun 9 2008, 01:15 AM) *
good for you! They are great cars; I thought you had a Miata?

is yours the turbo model?

Well my mom owned/owns the Miata. I was thinking about buying it from her (we had discussed that option), but for numerous financial reasons (mainly a month-long trip to Europe last summer, and one planned for next summer), I decided to just find myself a good inexpensive car and save the difference, which in this case ended up being a solid $10k.

Unfortunately it's just the NA, not a turbo, but I'm enjoying it a lot so far. It's a 96. I've had it just under a month now. I bought it from the original owner, who had taken very good care of it (taking it to a Volvo specialist), so I felt good about it. Only paid $2900 for it, so I'm pretty happy. It's in excellent condition outside, and apart from being a bit dirty from the previous owners several small children, the interior is in great condition too.

Mr b00st
yeah they are great cars if a bit on the slow and thirsty side... great for road trips. I had a 97.

got a lot of miles?
Yeah its a tad thirsty but luckily I don't drive too much. A tank has been lasting me about 12ish days since I bought it and did some minor tune-up type of stuff to it. I'd like to put in new spark plugs soon to help performance/economy as well. It does have pretty high miles, unfortunately - about 170k now. Hopefully the legendary Volvo endurance will give me another 170k. I'm just planning on keeping this car through til I get a real job out of college in a year or two.
Volvo over Saab any day of the week..
The Volvo runs with a spare tire, the Saab needs a spare gearbox..
And also, the T5R is nutorius, but I would go for a manual because the automatic doesn't deliver the power very well at all.
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