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Full Version: Ferrari 512 TR EDIT: NOW WITH VIDEO
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While filling up my wheezy Jeep Compass rental car before returning it on the big island Hawaii, i spotted this gem. 92' 512 tr . The guy was a typical rich guy who knew almost nothing about the car. He said he just got rid of a lambo for it, and it had "a k&n and a racing exhaust so it was sitting on about 500 hp" . He couldnt tell me what kind of exhaust it was, just that it wasnt Tubi ( i asked specifically). I have a video of him leaving to come soon.

That's gorgeous. As expected, he isn't parked properly either.
hahha noticed that as well.

pretty car...don't see too many of those these days.
as promised, video of him leaving the gas station.

Sounds like as siren starts up right as he engages 2nd....
Thats what i thought too and expected a cop to come screaming out of some hideout. It turned out to be the touchless car wash starting up next door.
^Haha, I was trying to think of how that could be the car. Gorgeous find, shame about the owner. wink.gif
theres 2 in the city around me. i love these cars

heres pics of them. they post on the local car forum too which is awesome

lmao hopefully thats not oil leaking from the 512!
I thought I saw on of these too on the expressway near my house. But I thought it was a Testarossa. Guess I was wrong.
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