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Full Version: Another Veyron
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Click images to enlarge! At the Ferrari dealership here in town...

Sorry.. pics taken with my phone...

That's weird, a single color Veyron... It is unique though...
Hmm...don't like that color. It is interesting to see a single color one, I didn't think they liked making them that's designed to be two toned.
^ They definitely mean to make them anyway you want. At the Dubai Motorshow they brought along an all pearl white one, which is the most striking example I've seen to date.
The designers at Bugatti recommend these color combinations for the classic two-tone paintwork. The contrast used can emphasize either the sporty side or the elegant character of the Veyron.

Bugatti Configurator

The only recommended monochromatic combination they have is black/black. Which, by the way, looks stunning. I don't think I've ever seen that. Obviously you can do whatever you want if you're spending 1.5 million dollars, I just got the sense it was designed to be two toned for contrast since that's how 99% of the Veyrons you see are.
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