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Last September at the Frankfurt Motor Show, we made the claim that the new Euro-spec Mazda6 was bringing sexy back to the midsize sedan market. The version slated for sale in the United States will do the same, but not because it's identical to the one designed for Europe. It's not. These spy shots from Brenda Priddy & Co. show a completely naked prototype that was caught in Detroit. Though at first glance it looks exactly like the 6 that debuted in Frankfurt last year, closer inspection reveals many changes to the car, which corroborates reports we've heard that the U.S. version is also markedly different underneath its skin.

Source: Autoblog

Looks good. I'm waiting to see which version will show up in the ME. I'm going to put my money on the supposedly larger, US-spec car. Since that's how Honda does things.
It needs to be lowered...the rest looks fiiine.
it looks fat and plumped up compared to the skinny and athletic version they be gettin' in the old country.

I hope we get some sort of proper Wagon (not a 5 door)
^ Looks pretty much the same to me honestly. You probably won't get a wagon btw. The CX-7 is enough for the NA market.
It just looks thicker...

I know what you mean about the Wagon, which is a shame...I know we have had this discussion before, but IMO a crossover is a poor substitute for a proper Wagon. If they don't bring the Wagon to Canada, Mazda is gonna loose a lot of customers to Subaru, Volvo and Saab (about 1/3 of the 6's I see here are wagons).

Although there is always the ever persistent rumour that Canada might get the European version, however thus far Subaru is the only car company I can think of that treats us Canadians differently than our southern neighbours.
^Well that doesn't make sense, the market is clearly different there, why not sell the European models in Canada?

It looks really good! Interesting to see a "naked" spy shot.
The lower grille and foglight surrounds are horrible. The headlamps look shrunken. The grille needs to be mesh just like the Euro/JP version. I do not like the US version as much as the others. In fact the others are sexy and this is just, ugh.
Tony Two Shoes
What do you mean we don't have anything to worry about? That thing looks like a whale.
Buddy in Romania just received his new 6 2.0 turbo diesel. Can't wait for him to send PIX.
Ton of new pics here:

So this is clearly the best-looking mainstream family sedan (i.e., midsize, non-luxury, FWD) in the North American market right now. And the initial reviews in C&D and Automobile were glowing--major boost in refinement as well as size, but they didn't cock up the handling. It's remarkably free of understeer, particularly with the 2.5L four.

I've been thinking about my next car being bigger than a Jetta (having the back of your seat kicked does get tiring after a while, and space with all sorts of family junk does get tight), and a Mazda6 2.5L 6MT might just be the answer.
Wow! That looks pretty handsome. I would be interested to see how it stacks up against the usual suspects. I find that the new accord is huge and hideous.
QUOTE(b0mb3r @ Jul 17 2008, 05:54 AM) *
Wow! That looks pretty handsome. I would be interested to see how it stacks up against the usual suspects. I find that the new accord is huge and hideous.

This is bigger than the Camry, but smaller than the new Accord, so it's pretty big. HOWEVER:

The front seats are too wide to offer serious lateral support, but the 6 feels a full size smaller than it is once you're moving. The Accord and the Camry feel like Buicks by comparison, because the Mazda's body motions are so tight and well-controlled. The 6's steering, administered through a small-diameter, leather-wrapped wheel, is precise in the way none of its competitors' is. Effort builds naturally and progressively off center, and torque steer is admirably absent.


Without question, though, the four-cylinder Mazda 6 is the handling champ in this segment. The V-6's optional eighteen-inch wheels generate loads of grip, but the lighter engine gives the four-pot 6 balance unlike any other large front-wheel-drive car. At-the-limit handling is nearly neutral, with all four tires generating their share of grip - quite the opposite of the understeer-only Camry, for example.

As this mid-size class matures along with its customersóMazda looks hopefully toward the 50-to-54-year-olds nowóthe machinery drifts inevitably toward practiced competence instead of passion, appliances for the road. The Camry has been there for years. The latest Accord comes close. The Altima, alone, still fits in sports clothes. Now comes a new Mazda 6 promising the most difficult of all straddlesórefined manners and appointments overlaid on high-spirited reflexes.

After a few hours of driving early preproduction samples around Southern California, we think mission accomplished. Steering is light and alive, yet it grooves in on straight-ahead when the path calls for it. Slack has been zeroed out of brake-pedal motion. Ride is well controlled without being harsh, and noises, both road and wind, are dialed way back. Bottom line: The Mazda 6 was never like this. Think Mazda 7.
not a fan of the styling, but it seems like a solid car overall.
The red car resembles a fat chinese prostitute X.gif
Looks a bit tall and rides too high, otherwise not bad. Looks a tad on the chunky side but mechanically it sounds like a winner. In the proper trim I'd have this over a Camry or Altima any day...although it would be a toss-up between this and the Accord. 6MT is a definite plus. I'd like to see this in Mazdaspeed trim in the future, too.

Mazda was brave enough to bring the competitive targets (Honda Accord, Nissan Altima, and Toyota Camry) to the launch so we could test drive them back-to-back against the all-new Mazda6. Our seat-of-the-pants impression was that the all-new Mazda6 was undeniably the most enjoyable of the bunch to drive -- as Mazda and their Zoom-Zoom infusion had boasted. While none would be considered a stoplight racer, the 3.7-liter under the Mazda's hood felt a bit out-gunned by Nissan's 3.5-liter VQ (itself rated at 270 hp), even though it wasn't as smooth. The Toyota and Honda felt about as quick as the rest of the pack. A penalty at the pump, not matched with any apparent acceleration advantage, doesn't keep consumers happy in this segment.

Mazda engineers spent a considerable amount of time refining the chassis of the new Mazda6 to make it a more rigid platform. It's all in the name of allowing the suspension to do its work, and improving occupant safety. Independently sprung on all four corners, the newest Mazda wears double-wishbones up front and an E-type multi-link in the rear. Stabilizer bars on both ends keep everything on an even keel. Driving the Mazda6 on some of Southern California's most challenging roads (Mulholland Drive, Stunt Road, and Decker Canyon), the sedan wasn't traumatized like the Camry (think marshmallow soft), or the Accord (what happened to the fun-to-drive Accord?). Diving into corners resulted in expected understeer, but without the feeling that the front tires were peeling off the rims (did we mention how soft the Camry was?). The Mazda6 was entertaining to toss around, and we never found ourselves worried the car wasn't responding to our inputs. But it's not ready for track duty. It's a sporty sedan, not a sport sedan.

Back on commuter-oriented roads, the Mazda6 was exceedingly competent -- a pleasure to drive. It never exhibited the disconnected (or isolated) driving feel that is so common in the segment. While we did observe some tire roar, and more than a bit of wind noise around the pillars, neither was distracting, nor discomforting.
wow, that is pretty impressive.
QUOTE(infinity935 @ Jul 17 2008, 10:38 AM) *
Looks a bit tall and rides too high, otherwise not bad.

If it was a dedicated sport sedan, I'd agree. But remember that, despite the Zoom-Zoom stuff, this is a family sedan, so compliant suspension and headroom are important too.

I'd like to see this in Mazdaspeed trim in the future, too.

Agreed 100%.
I personally think it is more polished than the current model. The current 6 had way too much plastic going on inside. Turned me off completely.
The front makes me think Mercedes R-Class
nice ass, butter face...
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