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Full Version: more ugliness
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and this might not be your typical ricer, mostly because this color is a color that you can order from the dealer itself, but i just think its too ugly for a car like this:

we have ridiculous amounts of "ricers" here, so you are going to be seeing alot of photos from me. and sorry for the photo quality again smile.gif
more like ricers with deep pockets.
You have a fucking mercedes too? OMG!
wizard are you lost? it isn't his car.
No, on the first picture, if you look over to the right you can see the top of a Mercedes hood decoration. And considering that they drive on the normal side of the road, would indicate that he's driving the car that the first picture was taken from. Hope you got what i meant.

laugh.gif I'm not retarded enough to think the red Mercedes is his.
oh i gotcha haha. but to me it seems like he's a passenger
true,i was a passenger in the mercedes.. its my dads car, a mercedes-benz S350L, nothing much.. i dont think its worth the money thought..
QUOTE(il3ameed @ Nov 27 2007, 06:43 AM) *
True,I was a passenger in the Mercedes.. It's my dads car, a Mercedes-benz S350L, nothing much.. I dont think its worth the money though..

Fixed and also I think most Mercedes are worth the money. This of course is coming from a Mercedes fanboy. although at the moment i would rather take an RS4 instead of a mercedes. That car is sweet.
That red Merc S isn't bad at all.
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