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Lamborghini built its first military vehicle, a prototype vehicle codenamed the "Cheetah", in 1977. Lamborghini had designed the vehicle with hopes of selling it to the US military. The original Cheetah prototype had a rear-mounted Chrysler V8 engine. The prototype was destroyed during testing by the US military. This led Lamborghini to develop the LM001, which was very similar to the Cheetah, but had an AMC V8 engine.

It was finally determined that the engine being mounted in the rear caused too many unfavorable handling characteristics in an offroad vehicle, and the LMA002 was built with an entirely new chassis, moving the engine (now the V12 out of the Countach) to the front. After much testing and altering of the prototype, it was finally given a serial number and became the first LM002.

Lovingly dubbed the "Rambo-Lambo", its aggressive styling and powerful engine made it a success[citation needed] for Lamborghini. Civilian models were outfitted with a full luxury package, including full leather trim, tinted power windows, air conditioning, and a premium stereo mounted in a roof console. In order to meet the vehicle's tire needs, Lamborghini commissioned Pirelli to make two custom, run-flat, tread designs.

The military version of the LM002 omitted some of the luxuries, and featured additions like mounting points for machine guns. The Saudi Arabian army ordered 40, each with the roof able to be opened like a hatch over the rear seats.[1] Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi reportedly ordered 100 of them for the use of Libya's military.[2]

In 1988 Lamborghini sent an LM002 to a team of special engineers with the intention of making it capable of participating in the Paris Dakar Rally. They stripped it of anything that added unnecessary weight and gave it an upgraded suspension, engine modifications which brought it to 600 hp (450 kW), full roll cage, plexiglas windows, and GPS equipment. Unfortunately, the money ran out before it could be officially be entered in competition, although it did participate in the Rallye des Pharaons in Egypt and another in Greece, both times driven by Sandro Munari.[3]

Near the end of the LM002's production, a Turin based autoshop owner created a one-off "Estate" version by enclosing the back area and raising the roof. This added significantly to the interior room.[4]

On July 18, 2004, the USA military base near Baqubah, the American Military used a LM002 that had belonged to Uday Hussein to simulate the effects of a VBIED. The LM002 was destroyed during the test.
Absolutely Frozen. It's a Lambo SUV with real purpose, not a lifestyle SUV like that from another famous performance car manufacturer (*cough* Cayenne *cough*). It also probably has more cred than any other SUV on the planet...hell it isn't even really an's a proper truck.
Dr. Strangelove
"What are you driving there Bob?"
"Oh its a truck that Lamborghini built for the military."
MJ Uncool. It fails in almost every way, especially compared to the Hummer. But at least it's got a Countach engine heart.gif
QUOTE(Cyclone @ Nov 1 2007, 05:37 PM) *
MJ Uncool. It fails in almost every way, especially compared to the Hummer. But at least it's got a Countach engine heart.gif

You have to realize it came out before the Hummer, so bam.
It's absolutely FROZEN. Imagine a sergeant yelled to his privates: "Soldiers! Get on to the Lamborghini! We're going to war!!!"
Imagine a sergeant yelled to his privates
QUOTE(infinity935 @ Nov 2 2007, 06:22 PM) *

Stop whistling, it's annoying and hurts my ears
By name, intention, and the Cool Wall definition it is cool.

Lambo gets nookie.
Hummer gets nookie.

Lambo Hummer gets multi-nookie with room to do it in!
This is absolutely frozen. It has an absurdly massive Lamborghini engine and it is a gnarly looking beast. And it'll never be MJU like the hummer these days because it's too rare to be owned by every rich bastard in town.
Agreed, It will always be cool. And look at how god-damn wide those wheels are!
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