Anyone on a cable modem can hack their modem to get a faster speed off their ISP of course there's alot of folks not wanting to do this due to the risks... But rest assured there are no risks as long as you don't use your actual legit mac address and change all of the #s that can identify you on the modem such as modem serial / mac / usb mac / etc... Never attempt this on your legit mac unless your ready to be busted. All cable modems have to access the same Head End which usually is only 1 point in the Town... Most ISPs don't scan for clones which is mainly how hacked modems get online just fine these days. But if the mac your using is on the same node as your on and you attempt to get online like that then that could possibly raise a red flag since the modem won't get online and will have a collsion w/ the other modem kinda like efnet w/ nicks when you've spilted & connected back and some one's already pwn'ed the nick. I uncapped my modem for the first time 4 or 5 years ago... It's still going online smoothly and fine :-) I did this because I was sick and tired of being screwed over by Charter. I paid good $ for good speeds... Yet never achived these speeds I PAID FOR... So i was like WTF I'll pwn you bitches now.... finally I'm achievin speeds way more than what I paid for. max i've got is like 20mb down and 2mb up. This only works on Cable... DSL is possible but you'll get busted fast if you did it on DSL since it's over phone lines which of course are linked to your account.... But on Cable it's Mac address usually... Yet it varies by ISPs.... Most easiest to get online w/ cloned spoofed macs are Comcast & Charter to my knowledge... I've seen folks get online @ rogers, timewarner, shaw,cox,etc... on a hacked modem. You can snmp scan for legit macs and configs for faster speeds... I'm not going to cover snmp scanning in this tut I'm only going to cover how to hack your modem / change the mac / etc... Nothing like snmp scanning.. If your wanting to find a better mac which is on a faster config do some research on snmp scanning or hit up someone on the same isp w/ a good speed and ask for their mac biggrin.gif Usually when ISPs look up Mac addresses they don't see the Cloned user... Just the Legit user / owner of that mac # I've confirmed this thur the Charter EQA. Yea I got access to it heh Charter is one of the most dumbest ISPs out there their security is Lax as heck, its not hard to get a new modem out of Walmart then provision the mac off it to a 11/1 speed hell we could sell charter services ourselves with that login. Like a one time payment of 100. and the user has a unlimited iNet usage & service for years and years since once we provision the mac into the system it's in there for good and lost in there.... Never gonna be found unless of course they did some type of auditing which is prolly Never cuz that's way too much work lol....

Anyways on with the tut lol

Easiest way to find a mac to clone and attempt this hack is grab coax theif and run it off a friends PC that isn't too close to your house that way you know for sure it isn't gonna sniff out macs ON your Node. So do that first... Then go on home and snap the modem into factory mode usually do able via

Run TFTP or Netboot make sure the right vxworks.st for your modem is in the tftp root dir... typial vxworks.st for all sbxxx modems can be found pretty much anywhere after googlin a bit for vxworks. sb4200 etc...

Reboot the modem into factory mode... Or use NetBoot to get it to grab the vxworks.st file off your PC once you've ran tftp.

Fire up snmp admin issue the proper commands to the modem using OIDs w/ the right community String...

Use the proper OIDs to change Serial / mac / etc.. on the modem.... now this bitfile method should work on all surfboards... thanks to DShocker whom used to work for motorola :-) At least that's what I heard.... Dont see why it wouldn't work on other modems as long as you found the right vxworks file... The readme in this rar should make it more clear if I didn't do it well in this thread :-)


Otherwise if your usin rented modem I'd not recommend it... I'd recommend going on and snagging a premod from surfboardhacker.net yeah I know Tcniso offers the same for cheaper but hell do you wanna wait months for your modem? they never ship fast... I bought my first modem off them yet had to wait a month before i finally received my product. You can also snag a old SB4xxx series and flash it easily w/ a hacked firmware which gives you more control over the modem like changing serial mac / etc, none of that factory snmp shit above needed since the firm does it all for you @ Feel free to pm me if ya need something cleared up / or some help ;-)