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Full Version: BMW 135i coupe
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EDIT: New pictures; old links were broken.

Twin-turbo 3.0L inline-six, longitudinally mounted
Six speed manual is confirmed. No word yet on what type of automatic it'll have.

300 horsepower
300 ft-lbs of torque (from 1400 rpm)
This same engine in the 3-series has turned out to be remarkably lag-free.

Estimated price: $35k? $33k?

BMW has been increasingly criticized for focusing too much on gadgets and luxury and not enough on their sport heritage. The 1-Series is meant to be a return to that tradition. Smaller, lighter, and cheaper than a 3-Series coupe, it's aimed at a younger, more performance-minded audience. It'll likely offer an excellent combination of performance and (for a German luxury marque) value. But is it cool?
It's a 3-series that's squished...maybe cute, if that's your sorta thing, but definitely not cool.
This car grows on me day-by-day.... I voted cool... It's a nice little entry bimmer.
QUOTE(mung35 @ Jul 1 2007, 09:40 PM) *
This car grows on me day-by-day.... I voted cool... It's a nice little entry bimmer.

I agree. At first I hated the idea, now I'm starting to like this. Maybe it's just the idea that it's got the same engine as the 335? I dunno. I just like it. Cool.
I'll give it a cool, I don't see the frozen in this one.
Tony Two Shoes
To me, this car is meh. It's not frozen because it looks too compact. But it's still cool cause that engine in such a small car has to be a blast.
Uncool. The hatch looks so much better.

EDIT: Move it up to a 'cool', the looks have really grown on me.
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