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Full Version: Honda BEAT
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so a friend of mine brought out the honda beat that the company he works for an importer, cool little car.
check out how much free room there is in the parking space.


That last picture really creeps me out for some reason. :/

Did you get a chance to drive it?
nope didnt get a chance to drive it...sad.gif
cool little car but the zebra-print seat upholstery is a little bit too crazy.
Tony Two Shoes
That last pic is awesome. It's kinda cool, but pretty slow, huh?
That car is soooo much fun to drive in gt4.....and that's the closest I'll ever get to driving one sad.gif
i want. slow? turbo it!
consider the power to might still be slow but that's a "midship amusement" laugh.gif

according to the above sources, it only weighs 760kg.....3 cylinders 656cc producing 64 bhp....

just need to find a way to fit today's 4 cylinder Type R and you have an Ariel Atom....
There are about 3 of these around where I live, and a couple of Suzuki Cappuccinos as well. They're tiny, but apparently are still quiet good fun to drive.
Suzuki Cappuccino, FTW!

where do you live?
I think it would be feasible to stick a 600cc or even a 750cc sport bike engine in there. Would be a blast with 120 to 150 hp on tap, pretty much doubling the power to weight ratio.
appearently the plan is to fit that beat with a sport bike engine....they just havent found a suitable one yet
^ awesome.. I would love to see a buildup with a Honda CBR sportbike engine. That way, it would stay true to it's Honda roots.
QUOTE(Mazdaspeed @ Apr 23 2007, 09:39 AM) *
Suzuki Cappuccino, FTW!

The "Zook" is definitely the better looking car and offers quicker acceleration as well.

But there's something about the little Beat that peaks my interest. It's just a cute micro-car that doesn't make you feel like a complete tool for driving a micro-car.

What's not to like about a high-reving, pint-sized, mid-engined convetible?

By the way, this car has been legal for import into Canada since 2006.
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