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Full Version: Three funerals and a wedding
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This question came to me just as I was falling asleep last night. I realized I've been to two each, and not really recently at all. That seems to me to be a low number, so I made this poll for fun.
I've been to more funerals that I want to have been.

1. Sisters child
2. Grandmother
3. Sister
4. Grandmother
5. Mom

Thanks for making me depressed clarkma, you asshole.

I don't give a fuck about weddings so 0.
2 funerals.

3 weddings, I think. could be 4, but I doubt it.
fiber optic
2 Funerals
- Cousin
- Wife's great grandmother (that I'd never met)

6 Weddings if the one I was the groom in counts
1 wedding no funerals.

I was out of town when a great aunt close to me died back in 1998 and my dad flew to Minneapolis's (his home town of course) when his dad died. Who was technically his step dad because his biological dad was killed in Korea and I wasn't even a developed sperm yet when that happened. I didn't go to that because my dad wanted to go alone.
There is your story from me for the day unless another interesting topic warrants another.
No funerals, thankfully and 1 wedding when l was about 4 or 5 but l guess it doesn't really count.
Uncle's funeral on January 4th, 2006. He died of a stroke only two hours before midnight on December 31.
Other funeral was a family friend's daughter, dying of cancer at age 11 in 2003.

Weddings... one? None? Dunno. Funny how funerals are more memorable than weddings. sad.gif
Can't even recall how many I've been to, so I took a guess.

Family member funerals are just depressing. This topic is depressing.

Way to make us all sad, Clarkma. Raspberry.gif
4 funerals (grandma, grandpa, great grandma, and my dad's aunt) and no weddings. sad.gif
7 Weddings 0 Funerals biggrin.gif
Tony Two Shoes
OMG, I actually hate weddings more than funerals. People are such money-grubbing, narcasistic whores; it sickens me. I hate getting invited to weddings; it wastes an entire day. And a Saturday at that. Why can't people just keep their God damned happiness to their God damned selves? I have enough happiness in my life and I don't need share in others.

Either way, I've lost count of how many of each I've been to. Way too many.

BTW, nice record Phix. Keep it that way. *knocks on wood*
countless weddings and 1 funeral. that of my grandpa :|
I've just been to my grandmother's funeral and it was SPOOKY. The cemetary was foggy and it was eerily quiet , except for the church bells that were ringing. It was like a bad horror movie.
Also, no weddings.
I've seen a wedding taking place at a cemetery, totally weird.

I think as far as counting goes I'm at 5 funerals and 4 weddings, but in June the count should be tied.
QUOTE(shera67 @ Apr 19 2007, 06:27 PM) *
I've seen a wedding taking place at a cemetery, totally weird.

I think as far as counting goes I'm at 5 funerals and 4 weddings, but in June the count should be tied.

Haha, I've heard about those... gothic weddings. Creepy as shit.
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